about // Blackout Tuesday

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Today Subcity Radio is taking part in a media blackout in solidarity with Black Lives Matter protests going on around the world.

We urge our listeners to take part in this blackout and use the time to donate, educate and take action.

We have compiled a list of petitions, fundraisers, educational resources and which is linked here.


Posted at 11:12, 2nd June 2020

about // Apply for a One-Off show on Subcity!


Broadcast on Subcity Radio!

For now, we are apart, but radio can bring us together! While our studio is shut, we are still able to broadcast both pre-recorded and live shows while you remain in the comfort of your bedroom. If you don’t currently have a show, we are also going to be accepting selected requests from people that wish to broadcast...


Posted at 20:21, 24th March 2020

events // Remote Broadcast: How-to Guide


How to record a show:
First create a folder on your computer with all the music or other audio files that you would like to include in your show. There are many ways to download music – Bandcamp, Beatport and Google Play are all good places to start. There are lots of options if you wish to record your own voice or other audio including using...


Posted at 20:09, 24th March 2020

events // Subcity Radio's Ecotopia

Subcity Radio's Ecotopia

🌱 Freshers can be an uncertain time in an unknown place. If the prospect of following the crowd as they stumble from student bar to student club doesn’t pique your curiosity, Glasgow’s finest community freeform station have created an alternative rebirthing for your new journey at uni. On Wednesday 18th September, Glasgow’s fabled Art S...


Posted at 21:08, 6th September 2019

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