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Subcity Radio has no playlisted music and each show is editorially independent. For matters relating to content, sending promos, running competitions, arranging sessions, it’s best to contact the show directly. Most shows are on Twitter and Facebook and have links to these on their profile pages. List of all shows // Search shows by genre, artist or record label

If you have an idea for a show or if your enquiry is not about a specific show, contact [email protected]


Outwith our shows system we also create feature-based content including live sessions, one off specials, festival coverage, and collaborative content. If you have an idea that would fit with this side of the station then contact our Head of On-Air at [email protected]


We don’t ever air commercials, but if you’re interested in promotions through content and collaboration then get in touch. Previous clients have included Magners, the National Grid, and local businesses. Contact [email protected] for more info.


To register a complaint about any of our content, contact the station manager at [email protected]



The Subcity Radio team look after the operation of the station. They are responsible for coordinating events and outreach projects, facilitating studio access and contributor training, running promotional strategies, designing, writing, photographing, videoing, archiving, programming, testing, upgrading, tweaking, breaking, and fixing everything to do with the station.


Phone and Post

Subcity Radio
John McIntyre Building
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Office: 0141 330 5438
Studio: 0141 330 7033
Fax: 0141 330 2907