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Flyer for Subcity West End Festival Stage 2009

Sunday 14th June 2009
Kelvingrove Park (map)
1pm - 6pm // free entry // all ages welcome

Wee Cheesy // Nasa // Argonaut Sounds
Poporopo Especialista // Felonious Munk // One Louder

The West End Festival - a groggy sea of empty bottles, discarded chai lattes, kids roped in to their mum's organic drumming group and fully grown men with their taps aff being forced to listen to world music.

Or, escape all the nonsense with the exhilaration of a decent festival - one with amazing sound-system, hand picked DJs, and an off-licence round the corner. Moving from the traditional home of Lilybank Gardens, this year the stage is wisely being positioned where it can't annoy the neighbours: Kelvingrove park.

If it's anything like the previous years, the huge pile of speakers will attract clubbers, students and excitable dogs, with rock n roll, party tunes, tropicalia, funk, and an unhealthy amount of day time ground-shaking, belly-wobbling bass.

Head down from 1pm and we'll see how long we can get away with it until the police roll up.

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Posted at 01:01, 4th June 2009