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say again but louder + niamh

Soft-boiled with Subcity

On this mornings Soft Boiled we will be playing some slow songs, some fast songs and having a sad chat about politics :(

Posted at 08:43, 13th December 2019

george michael

Subcity Spotlight // 12.12.19

Subcity Spotlight on the late great George Michael

Posted at 10:59, 12th December 2019

jingle jams

Sticky Jam Sessions // 12.12.19

I'm so sorry, but it's happened: Sticky Jams goes seasonal. Funk, soul, indie, 80s new wave pop vibes.

Posted at 01:13, 12th December 2019

transmission #11

Convolve // 12.12.19

We’ve entered the teens but aren’t yet teenagers. Mad, huh? Who cares? Stop thinking and let the beat control your body.

Resident Outer Measure will be joined in studio by Glasgow rhythm stalwarts Ira & Drumheller.

Shouts via the hotline 07999174962.

Posted at 00:57, 12th December 2019

#66 - reggae retrospective 2000 to 2019

Well Bless // 11.12.19

We are now in the last 20 days of 2019, and therefore we have decided that this week's theme will be a Reggae Retrospective. We will play out only records which have been released over the last 19 years. From Tenement Sound favourites, to more unusual releases, we will be playing all styles released between 2000 to 2019.

Posted at 11:11, 11th December 2019

blackcurrant jam

Angel Delight // 05.12.19

last show of the year! the decade! been playing a bunch together and got lots of class new stuff to play on the show. gorge yourself!

Posted at 21:21, 9th December 2019

md 20/20 x-spress

Nino's Dream

Almost there troops! We're in slight disbelief that we're saying goodbye to the 2010's but what a decade it's been. Gonna have as concise as possible a round up of some of our favourite tunes over the past 10 years. It'll be a right nostalgic affair so get ready for those happy sad tears to flow :)

Posted at 16:48, 9th December 2019

episode 5: the edge of daybreak

Revolución // 09.12.19

it's cold, exams are coming, you're tired, so wake yourself up with some early morning music. today we're listening to an album recorded by a group of prisoners in virginia, called Eyes of Love by The Edge of Daybreak. it's soulful, it's heart-warming and a perfect way to start your day. enjoy yourself and be nice to people!

Posted at 08:51, 9th December 2019

a private viewing

Truth Of One // 07.12.19

Di che reggimento siete fratelli?

Parola tremante nella notte

Foglia appena nata

Nell'aria spasimante

involontaria rivolta

dell'uomo presente alla sua


Fratelli (Giuseppe Ungaretti)

What's your regiment brothers?

Quivering word

in the night.

Newborn leaf.

In the racked air

unintentional uprising

of man who is present his



(Giuseppe Ungaretti)

Posted at 22:13, 6th December 2019

nail house music episode eight

Nail House Music // 06.12.19




Posted at 12:25, 6th December 2019

morning breath unwrapped

Morning Breath // 06.12.19

Another year has come & gone and somehow Subcity's most sporadic show is back! once! more! with the only end of year music wrap-up that counts if you like your pop music 99% female and commercially produced...

Morning Breath's favourite singles/ albums and collaborations of 2019 is here!

Posted at 21:58, 5th December 2019

hot takes- best of 2 0 1 9

Hot Takes // 06.12.19

Posted at 20:42, 5th December 2019

sounds for short days

Say it again, but louder! // 04.12.19

A selection of sounds for going and coming home from work when its dark.Winter has arrived.

Posted at 10:05, 4th December 2019

a nice day for a birthday eh

Get comfortable // 04.12.19

its my birthday today and what better way to celebrate than doing a show on subcity radio !?

yeehaw !

Posted at 01:56, 4th December 2019

thunder number nine

[underthunder] // 03.12.19

probably most of lee gamble's new album

+ some symbolic poems

tuesday 4pm

storm in

Posted at 21:00, 2nd December 2019

last tango in glasgow

Beats of all Nations // 02.12.19

A distinctive tropical and soulful mix of music to help with the onset of the bitter chill that has descended across Glasgow.

A selection of reggae, ska, afro, jazz, breaks, funk and soul to warm your hearts and if not to get you doing the tango then maybe tapping your foot (vigorously) whilst enjoying a tot of rum or a brandy.

Posted at 18:37, 2nd December 2019

ep 14 - high kick kuduro w/ pongo

Body Parts // 02.12.19

I'm delighted to share with you a conversation I had with the angolan Kuduro singer Pongo while she was in Glasgow this weekend. Attacking kuduro from all angles keep an eye on the album coming next year.

Body parts will round out the show with some more kuduro and a selection of other tunes

Catch BP live at PINK NOISE 2 14/12


Posted at 12:07, 2nd December 2019

uwu (my hands are too cold to dj)

Green Eggs and Ham // 01.12.19

listen back is broken so this is gonna be one shot one chance one life baby

bought some zines yesterday they are pretty good

didn't listen to new music for about a month and then crammed it all in a week

i have become obssessed with watching MOTD every week - it is the light at the end of the tunnel, Gary Linekar's face a shining beacon to drag me through the week.

If you would like to watch MOTD with me please let me know because i want to become a string-vest wearing stella drinking weekend warrior and I can't do it alone. Thanks.

Eating some soup rn and i poured way too much in :(

Posted at 18:58, 1st December 2019

episode 148: into the light + apparel wax

Lava Lava // 01.12.19

Lava Lava is going off the beaten track today with a Label Focus on Into The Light. Founded in 2012 by Ilias Pitsios and Tako Reyenga, this independent record label has dedicated itself to unearthing overlooked and previously unheard of Greek Electronica. Expect some absolute gems, including cuts from Tolouse Low Trax, 2 Katara, Akis and more!

Taking control of the regins for Guest Mix 90 is the mysterious Apparel Wax! The label-head, DJ and producer has been on an incredible run of form in 2019 and we could not be more excited to host them in the Guest Mix! This is not one to miss!

Posted at 18:23, 1st December 2019

r.l. burnside

99.9 THE SWAMP // 02.12.19

Just gonna talk about the life and legend of R.L. Burnside for an hour and play as many of his bangers as I can. From the Mississippi delta, R.L. learned to play guitar from watching people like Mississippi Fred McDowell and Muddy Waters. He played for awhile, got recorded by Alan Lomax, traveled around and then settled back into life in the delta. For awhile the only place he played was at a bar own by Junior Kimbrough. Then in the 90s he re-emerged and got signed by Fat Possum and put out a bunch of bangin' albums that you can hear me talk about Monday at 11am.

Posted at 13:00, 1st December 2019

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