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Subcity Radio Fresher's Festival 2020 // 20.09.20

Fast Musik x Hardcore Queer Action extravaganza with the last Radio Club Night of our freshers broadcasting

Posted at 13:22, 23rd September 2020

Subcity Radio Fresher's Festival 2020 // 19.09.20

Prominent ex-subcitizen BOOSTERHOOCH ( presents a truly international radio club night!

Warmchainss (
Clemency [NTS/Local Action] (
Angel D'Lite (

Posted at 13:20, 23rd September 2020

Subcity Radio Fresher's Festival 2020 // 17.09.20

Shakara (

Parties and mix series based in Glasgow, centred around good tunes and good vibes

Joined by some famous local faces:
- Sofay [NTS]
- Plantainchipps

Posted at 13:16, 23rd September 2020

Subcity Radio Fresher's Festival 2020 // 16.09.20

eat yo greens and get clubbing!!

Healthy ( are a couple of genuine local legends that have put on some of the most inspiring club nights seen in the city. Their recent berkely suite sell-out event saw Object Blue and LSD XOXO tearing up the sweaty floors.

Tonight they will be playing out some tracks and are armed with a vicious B2B set from 2 more local legends; Sarra Wild and Letitia Pleiades

Posted at 13:12, 23rd September 2020

Subcity Radio Fresher's Festival 2020 // 15.09.20

Southside Solidarity

We are a Bi-monthly party at Stereo, raising money for the Against Malaria Foundation (

Tonight's Line-up:
Dj Peanut
Pigeon Steve
Whale of a time [Wheelman, Gus, Archie]

Posted at 13:07, 23rd September 2020

good morning to a not so good morning

The Pocket Club // 18.09.20

A few useful links & resources for anyone who is waking up most mornings to a not particularly good morning:

Glasgow University Counselling & Psychological Services * Only available to current students, and tends to be oversubscribed & difficult to get appointments. Not advisable for people with urgent needs.

SAMH * Scottish Mental health charity

Penumbra * Another Scottish Mental Health Charity


Breathing Space: 0800 83 85 87 (not 24/7)

Samaritans: 116 123 (24/7)

sending lots & lots of love & hopes for better mornings coming soon <3

Posted at 22:51, 22nd September 2020

middle east mix

KINGKU RADIO // 23.09.20

This Wednesday (23rd) 2pm. Celebrating the middle east music scene and its diaspora, we look into a mix of traditional and modern tracks from the region. The beginning of the show is dedicated to the Beirut recovery effort. Our Guest Noor, gives a quick brief about the event and how you can help the recovery effort through her new campaign.

Posted at 17:42, 22nd September 2020

freshas 2020 (special?)

Green Eggs and Ham // 20.09.20

hello freshers welcome to the wonderful world of subcity radio

very special time of year

playing a lot of new tracks picked up over the summer, closing out this season in a beautiful way. maybe some freshers week classics as well.

catch youse in the chat x

Posted at 17:05, 20th September 2020

freshers festival: the inner circle

Lava Lava // 20.09.20

It's no secret that I think Glasgow is one of the best cities in the world, and over the course of the next 2 hours I want to show you why.

Listen in to Lava Lava from 4pm to hear music from the local artists, musicians, DJ's and record labels that make this such a rich and diverse scene. Taking in a wide range of genres & vibes, from deep Electronic cuts to Disco, House, Post Punk, Techno and beyond.

If you're new here than I'll be taking you on a tour of my Top 5 record stores in Glasgow; heading South for Otherside & Some Great Reward, out West for Mixed Up and back into the city to Rubadub and Palais De Danse.

Posted at 15:38, 20th September 2020

trap part 3

99.9 THE SWAMP // 21.09.20

Posted at 13:27, 20th September 2020

club action fresher's special w/ elfz

Club Action // 19.09.20

Tonight on Club Action, Casual Look kicks things off with an hour-long ode to BASS! Then in hour two, DJ and producer ELFZ plays us a guest mix full of exclusives. If you want to hear more of ELFZ'z tunes head to <3

Posted at 16:42, 19th September 2020

≈21≈ jack2hoop

Jack 2 Jack // 19.09.20

what is this, a freshers crossover episode?? (ft DoubleHoop)

Posted at 22:02, 18th September 2020

freshers festival special

Escapology // 17.09.20

An eclectic mix of choral ambient, experimental classical, sparse RnB and bangy future club sounds x

Posted at 17:34, 18th September 2020


Truth Of One // 19.09.20

"In Heidegger's view, Unheimlich is the fundamental groundlessness of our existence, this profoundly felt sense of not-being-at-home, wherever one would be.

It is that strange sensation, a discomfort regarding the very fact that things make sense and that this meaningful space is fragile and can break down easily."

Katherine Withy [paraphrased] in "Heidegger On Being Uncanny"

And yet (this is me): it is also a threshold that lets you know that something else could be possible (giving you, amongst other things including the opposite, choice to stay rather than feeling trapped), that everything could be always in negotiation, other combinations, or other realities we don't have yet the words to contain with.

Posted at 02:35, 18th September 2020


2centavos // 18.09.20

It's been almost 2 years since I last put up a mix on this channel, and I'm excited to show y'all how much I've grown for Subcity's big 2 5.

Posted at 00:24, 18th September 2020

Subcity Radio Fresher's Festival 2020 // 17.09.20

this show originally went out as a guest mix for airmax 97 on new delhi station ~made in lockdown it covers all of those classic boosterhooch bases: trance, uk funky, bass, experimental club, latin freestyle.

Posted at 22:12, 17th September 2020

subcity freshers week load

PEARL NECKLACE // 18.09.20


Posted at 21:36, 17th September 2020

all neon like w/ dj cal monte

Passion Play // 18.09.20

DJ Cal Monte will be serving up the special treat for this Freshers Week 2hr broadcast of Passion Play. With lots of Italo treats!

Posted at 21:14, 17th September 2020

electric funeral #39: here we go! 🕳

Electric Funeral // 17.09.20

Hi everyone! The sun is out, the football is back, and subcity are putting a load of good stuff out for freshers week!

This evening's episode comes fresh out of a very productive bandcamp rabbit hole, lots of new heavy sounds from all over the world: American death metal, norwegian avant-thrash, black metal from iceland and some completely indescribable noise out of kenya, which you can hear in full right here:

You can also get early access to the new album from medieval black metal band The Infernal Sea here via invisible oranges:

as always you can find us on instagram @electricfuneralgla and our full playlist is here:

all the best,


Posted at 16:47, 17th September 2020

transmission #18

Convolve // 17.09.20

Tonight on Outer Measure and Obsoletus roll through 8-10pm stretching the parameters of percussive and dub wise music. UK Funky, Post Punk, Garage, Mutant Dub, Club + more. Full tracklist to follow.

Posted at 12:51, 17th September 2020

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