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god look down and pity a drunkards lone child

The Womb Room // 15.07.18

I've been thinking about Boo Radley some. He is the real hero of the story. He is the saviour of the children. He saves them from the evils of Bob Yule that drunken monster. Atticus was okay but now we now his true racist leanings he has fallen from hero worship and is just as lousy as the rest of em. Boo (Arthur) is the real deal. This episode is for Boo.

Returned from a month wondering and weeping across the cold world so wild. The world of freight trains, deep woods, monsters of the moon, crashing waves, MJ lookalikes and dreams transform to nightmares. Americana continues to eat itself.


We have the sounds from down the west coast. One of the greatest compositions of our time to go with with minds eye montage of Redford, Newman and Ross robbing banks across the Bolivian landscape. THIS is the get away we dreamed of! We have the howls of a sermon led by the Reverend J M Gates down in Georgia, the kazoo buzz of the Memphis Jug band and a graveyard story from (another hero) the Human Skab. Theres this unsettling song by a guy on the Santa Monica Pier drowning in his own disillusioned romanticism. Maybe he arrived in Hollywood with this song back in the 90s planning to make it big. Seems he was destined for tourist hot spot entertainment. But he really means these words.

LEST WE FORGET THE MORAL FABLE OF THE ROCHES. No one should ever go to Hammond. Theres a Hammond in Indiana I could get to from Glasgow in 9 hours if I left right now, not bad. Another one in Louisiana. But doesn't matter cause I'm staying in school. 'tell me I'm okay'

At the end you can hear the story of Paul Bunyan the giant too, whom was the coolest giant I've ever met.

Y'all enjoy now y'hear S xxx

Posted at 12:16, 17th July 2018

the parting glass

New Routes // 17.07.18

New Routes comes to the end of one particular trail, and says farewell for the time being. With music from the Smithsonian collection, Richard Dawson (again) and the late great Martyn Bennett.

Posted at 18:37, 16th July 2018

lines_in the-$and

//Border_Lands // 17.07.18

Borders delineate what lies within and what lies without - between national territories, communities, political beliefs and technological approaches. But how does the Internet and its promise of connecting the world change how we understand borders, territories and lines of demarcation, both online and off?

This episode will explore how borders can be transcended online or whether they can reassert their political poignancy even online. We will look at the ways technology both empowers and controls refugees, how Iran and China have attempted to create national online networks and limit access to foreign information, how data is shared around the world, and what happens when the borders between online technologies and offline society blur until they merge together.

We will look at refugees, surveillance, censorship, intelligence sharing, internet of things and domestic abuse, crossing a number of borders in only two hours

Posted at 16:42, 16th July 2018

its a heavy thing to do on a lite day :)

MUSIC, Please! // 02.07.18

“its a turn down day…. and i DIG IT”

Blazing sunshine, groovy vibes, wholesome smiles and happy faces.

Sunshine pop is indeed that most unfashionable of musical genres. Deliberate edgeless and unpolitical in a time of riotous political, social and cultural upheaval - it is the squeaky clean sound of middle class American teenagers, basking in the wealth of the second wave of US consumer affluence.

There are no troubling epochal political concerns to bother these wholesome combos. Vietnam? Protesting racial equality? psychedelia, drug use, filthy rock music and “dropping out”?? Hey, don’t bum us out man! (and its is largely men).

Nothing but lazy summer romances (heterosexual, OBVS), innocent yet serious romantic infatuations (you can discern this by the degree to which the music references classical music phrasings - grown up!) and the narrow preoccupations of wistful pseudo-hippie youths. These kids are NEAT-niks, not Beatniks.

However, these 40-50 year old curious have an undeniable, irresistible charm. It is incredibly sweet and optimistic music, the sounds of a generation without cares. The melodies alone are frustratingly catchy, and the song-writing skill of soft rock legends like Paul Williams, Roger Nichols, Kurt Boetcher and Jimmy Webb are some of the finest of the era.

In this heat why not lose yourself in a lost world of naive, up-beat song-craft.

“but what else to do but Small Talk…. with you” - Claudine.


Posted at 15:57, 16th July 2018


2centavos // 16.07.18

Today I'm joined by DJ Brine in the latest edition of my B2Bs with friends.

I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed by my current workload and the political climate back home, so I'm hoping to use this time to work through some things through aggressive music~

Posted at 12:57, 16th July 2018

jungle & hardcore special w/ wheelman

Time 2 Jack // 16.07.18

Don't Be Afraid recordings Wheelman joins me in the studio for a Jungle / UK Hardcore special.

Posted at 11:36, 16th July 2018

i'm so into voguing right now

Eve was Framed // 15.07.18

As a celebration of Pride this weekend, we've got a playlist mixing ballroom, house, and electro pop influenced by LGBTQ+ legends. Including Princess Nokia, Mike Q, B Ames, Byrell the Great, Shygirl, Xhosa and more.

Posted at 11:12, 15th July 2018

episode #119

Lafropunk // 14.07.18

Just me, a couple of beers and a bunch of great records!

Posted at 09:12, 14th July 2018

lj28 - ribeka & lj djs

Loose Joints // 13.07.18

Ribeka joins us ahead of our party tonight at The Berkeley Suite

Posted at 17:31, 13th July 2018

sober summer sesh

Nino's Dream // 12.07.18

Get your mocktails at the ready because we're having a sober summer sesh!

Expect lots of nostalgia and trancey belters.


Posted at 22:04, 12th July 2018

are you staying with me? (show 63)

El Rancho // 12.07.18

Brothers and sisters we're kickin' out the jams new and old today! What you get is Canadian punks Dumb, French psych pop from Juniore, Free-wheelin' cosmic rock n roll from (new fav band alert) One Eleven Heavy, a Tumbleweed Records spotlight and a bunch more... Oh yeah that first track and my well known into links up a new track 'American Ruse' by Delicate Steve and Wayane Kramer of The MC5. Get in to it...

Posted at 16:58, 12th July 2018

adventures in paradise (12/07/18)

Adventures in Paradise // 12.07.18

Wayne Dickson (Groove Line Records/Big Break Records) takes you through an ethereal musical journey covering Soul, Disco, Jazz, and Funk. This week sees legendary Scottish DJ Mark Robb join Wayne for a chat and some of his favourite soul jazz records.

Posted at 20:51, 11th July 2018

is this episode the last episode

Big Science // 11.07.18

yes this episode is probably the last episode of big science

Posted at 17:03, 11th July 2018


Well Bless // 11.07.18

Cammy Crucial locking in live and direct for 2 hours of sweet roots reggae music.

Posted at 13:22, 11th July 2018

the lark in the morning

New Routes // 11.07.18

This time we're exploring the Tropicalia movement, a famous outcrop of the Brazilian avant-garde. There's also new music from Lagos, very old music from Tennessee, and slightly old music from Egypt. We'll also hear a poem written and read by Robert Lowell.

Posted at 20:16, 10th July 2018

2k-ok #974: saturday's shed stamp yet persists

2k-OK // 10.07.18

i've been away lots of places the past month or so and it's nice to be properly back in town. please friends, join me for this celebration of new and good electronic music

Posted at 16:56, 10th July 2018

dtnt the third


Youuuuu're listening to DAYTIME/NIGHTIME not just with me but for the first time ever my good friend and podcast collaborator RYAN ENGLISH will be joining us live in the studio with a selection of his favourite tracks and fine fine chat.

We'll also be hearing the first DTNT interview with the hilariously eloquent WOLFGANG POHL, music enthusiast and record collector, who will talk about his collection, his University year in Bristol in the 70s and John Cage (a bit).

Don't miss it!

Posted at 08:54, 9th July 2018

Morning Breath

Join us as we catch-up under the disguise of an hour-long poorly-planned radio show

Posted at 23:02, 8th July 2018

haiti music

Lafropunk // 07.07.18

Just the usual WullietheItalian, a couple of beers and great music from Haiti

Posted at 10:54, 7th July 2018

Desert Love Island Discs // 05.07.18

emma and bryan back today to spew at alex's smouldering eyes and catch up with the weeks #drama

Posted at 10:14, 5th July 2018

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