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Citizen of Nothing

This week’s show is all about long songs. We’re talking post-punk pilgrimages, auditory odysseys and towering musical monoliths - long tunes that take us on a journey. All our tunes on this here show will be over 6 minutes long, spanning genres like dub, krautrock and even a bit of experimental bluegrass if you’re lucky!

We've got music from the likes of The Horrors, The Stooges, Amadou & Mariam, The Knife and John Fahey, and an insight into holidaying in Leicester.

Posted at 14:22, 21st July 2021

best of 2020

Citizen of Nothing

Welcome to the first episode of Citizen of Nothing, all about the best music of 2020!

Find out what's inside Aphex Twin's lunchbox, what 2020 tune Willy Wonka would be bumping and have a mad dance round the gaff to this week's Tenement Song. Tunes from the likes of King Krule, Ezra Furman, Drug Store Romeos, Yves Tumor and Divide & Dissolve.

Posted at 14:21, 21st July 2021

the worst of eastern european eurovison

Bloc Radio // блок радио // 20.07.21

Eurovision Eurovision Eurovision

The world's favourite song competition has had its fair share of amazing music over the years. Today, I'll show you the worst of it (from an Eastern European perspective of course). These songs aren't necessarily 'bad' - they're just the weird, the wonderful, and the wacky.

Songs in the episode:

Follow / contact me here:

Posted at 11:22, 20th July 2021

#103 - dancehall nice!

Well Bless // 21.07.21

This week Christo has put together some of his top picks from Dancehall's Post 80s era. From obscurities to smash hits, this episode is bursting at the seams with infectious rhythms, designed to get you out of your seat and grooving.

This one makes an excellent pairing with Magnum tonic wine, Delicious!

Posted at 02:35, 20th July 2021

back in the studio

Sound Sounds // 19.07.21

I'm back in the studio for the first time in several years, going to play a bunch of records because I can't do that at home.

Some new (to me) stuff and some old stuff, 100% trainwrecks guaranteed!

Posted at 15:03, 19th July 2021

leopold chauveau :: story of the boa and the tapir

Plastic Music // 24.05.21

Story of the Boa and the Tapir

Léopold Chauveau

“Hey, Dad! Did you write down the story you told me about yesterday?”

“Which one?”

“The boa and the tapir.” “Yes.”

“Please read it to me.”

“Let’s read.”


When a boa finds a tapir to devour, the poor boa’s arrived at his last earthly hour. He can put his affairs in order. He can make his will. There is just time still. There’s no time for delay, for he’ll soon pass away. But he suspects nothing and does not think of writing his will in pen and ink. As the boa prepares to eat the tapir, he sees his dinner staring at him with a singular grin, and animals don’t tend to grin, or to shout ‘I win’. They tend rather to frown, before being gulped down. He tells himself very simply: “That tapir’s a fool: he doesn’t know what will befall him at all. Perhaps he imagines it’s to give him a massage at no cost that I wore myself out and I lose count how much saliva I lost, spitting and making him into a ball, a ball of spit-covered meat, delicious to eat. He’s a fool; he just doesn’t know what will befall him at all. It’s clear, though: I’ll eat all my meatball.” In truth, it’s the boa who doesn’t know what will befall him at all. The boa isn’t being any stupider than usual today, we can’t blame him for thinking this way, but he doesn’t know what will befall him at all. If he knew the truth of it all, he’d be clever enough to leave his ball, to leave his tapir soaked in saliva there, and go off to find another dinner elsewhere. The boa knows nothing of what will befall, but I know and I’ll tell you it all. The tapir makes himself very small; he holds his breath; he folds his legs under his tummy; he draws his nose into his mouth (he has a big nose, and that makes quite a lot of difference); he draws his ears into his ear holes (he doesn’t have big ears, but that still makes a little difference); and the boa who doesn’t know helps him a lot by spitting out all the saliva he’s got, by rolling the tapir into a ball, and pressing to break him once and for all.


When he’s made the tapir into a ball, the boa might see that his ball seems too small. But, as it’s the first time he’s eaten a tapir – when a boa eats a tapir, it’s always a first; no boa has ever eaten two tapirs because he’s always dead a few minutes after eating the first one – so, as it’s the first time he’s ever eaten a tapir, he says to himself: “Big or small, it’s ready, my ball. Too bad if it’s not as big as I thought.” Oh yes! Too bad for you, because if your ball had been too big, too big for you to devour, you’d not have arrived at your last earthly hour! Your ball may be small, but it’s still too big for you, boa! The boa swallows the tapir. The tapir goes right down the boa’s throat to his belly. And then, oh boy! How does the boa’s belly feel? Now the tapir pulls his nose out of his mouth, pulls his ears out of his ear holes, pulls his legs out from under his tummy. Now the tapir stops holding his breath. Now the tapir breathes with all his might. Now the tapir swells, and smirks with delight.


The poor boa struggled to get his lunch in his belly. Now he feels his lunch stretching, his insides turn to jelly. The tapir swells, spreading his legs, spreading his toes, stretching his back, stretching his tummy, swelling up and swelling. Until: the boa’s belly bursts, his skin splinters, and the poor boa dies. The tapir, back to his usual size, steps out of the boa’s insides. He’s escaped death. He takes a deep breath. Then he strolls to the stream, where he’ll wash himself clean. And that makes one boa fewer. In this way, every day a boa tries to eat a tapir, there’s one boa fewer. The boa would never try, if he knew that he’d die. But there you go! He doesn’t know.

ξ ・_>・) (・c_ ・ )

Wise little Renaud says,

“Is the boa dead?”


“What happens next to the tapir?”

“I don’t know.”

“You’d know very well if you wanted to.”

“I prefer not to know. Perhaps he’s been killed by a hunter, or eaten outright by a crocodile.”

“Oh! No! He’s too kind!”

Translation ~~~~~> Nat Paterson 2019

Posted at 11:52, 19th July 2021

pinched finger champions

Green Eggs and Ham // 18.07.21

wow it really is summer huh

ok its not sunny right this second but it really has been

and ive been enjoying it!

made the realisation that i play big hardcore and nightcore in the summer and sad emo stuff on my winter shows lol

anyway on this show guess what its big tunes 2 x pussycat dolls edits etc etc

listen right just tune and and enjoy the good shit!!!!!!!!

ps got ma second vax at 1 today so my head might explode we'll see...

Posted at 15:05, 18th July 2021

ft. dj flo g

Sermon // 15.07.21

the latest installment of sermon serves as an across the pond hug/kiss in radio form, featuring a fiery guest mix from Leeds based dj FLO G coupled w. 30 mins direct from gloryb in Chicago. It's loving nod to the windy city, with plenty of footwork and juke nestled amongst diverse club selections.

<333 Check out Open The Circle, a Chi based group bridging community organizing and Footwork (as both a musical style and dance):

Posted at 18:47, 14th July 2021

countdown 3: seyda‘ s mix

KINGKU RADIO // 14.07.21

Kingku radio is coming to an end this summer but we’ve got 3 more episodes (this is the countdown). Today back in the studio we have Seyda’s mix, a show curated by a dear friend with a strong message for all the viewers whilst jamming to the best house tracks out now. Tune in 2pm to hear the show

Posted at 09:42, 14th July 2021

at the turning of the page

A Drop of Scotch // 14.07.21

After a wee break, we're back with a new episode! This one is all about putting a bad year behind us and having a reboot before the new term starts. I think we all need a refresh and these songs will motivate you to get back to what matters to you and make the next year an exciting one.

Also here is a petition aiming to protect The St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art from permanent closure. It stands next to Glasgow Cathedral and promotes "understanding and respect between people of different faiths and those of none and offers something for everyone". At a time when mutual respect and understanding seems to be disappearing, it is important to protect places like this.

Posted at 14:53, 13th July 2021

episode 178: ouïe // adelphi music factory

Lava Lava // 11.07.21

Lava Lava is back with 2 hours of heat!

The gorgeous sounds of Ouïe take centre stage in today's Label Focus. Co-founder Acid Pauli, provides an insight into the imprint alongside cuts from Disarmed, Shawna & Tooker and David Mayer.

Taking control of the decks in the final 45 minutes in Guest Mix 109 is Sheffield trio Adelphi Music Factory. They've been going from strength to strength over the past 3 years, releasing on Domino, Shall Not Fade, Higher Ground and their own Beat Factory imprint. AMF deliver a thumping 'Glasgow People Power' mix.

Posted at 15:51, 11th July 2021

escapology: june 21

Escapology // 22.06.21

This episode crashed into the second half of a rather big football game, but we raved on regardless ft. music made from skipping CDs, contact mic experimentation, pianos, guitars and happyish house.

Posted at 12:58, 11th July 2021

prepare to fail

Events Research Programme // 09.07.21

welcome to my new show Events Research Programme i'll elaborate on the concept later huge love to the subcity team and studio it's great to be back

Posted at 00:08, 10th July 2021

episode seventeen / sun shower

Bigger The Punch // 09.07.21

the studio is open so I did a little live number - what a pleasure to be back in the saddle !

starting off with some chill soul and mobving into some fun little funk infused numbers x

Posted at 16:58, 9th July 2021

soulwax, fascist snakes and stripping for bouncers


On this month's KB'd, host Sophie 'Sunny' Parke and Drop The Baby's Tom Rowan cover Crazy Frog, tripping at Metronomy and stripping down to your undies to get into a bar.

Posted at 17:02, 8th July 2021

a bus ride to the club and an art school elegy

KB'd // 03.06.21

On this month's KB'd, join host Sophie ‘Sunny’ Parke and Medicine Cabinet’s Cahal for a protest against ‘Come on Eileen’, getting KB’d at Paris Fashion Week, and an elegy to The Art School.

Posted at 16:55, 8th July 2021

schwefelgelb, local pervs and 4d 360° dance moves

KB'd // 08.07.21

Tune in this week to join host Sophie ‘Sunny’ Parke and The Ninth Wave’s Amelia for Berlin techo, a revolt against the local perverts, and the instructions to a severely potent dance routine.

Posted at 16:50, 8th July 2021

2k-ok #932: i've always loved denmark

2k-OK // 06.07.21

simon is maybe isolating we're not sure yet but either way it's just nathan tonight, starting out with some nice sludgy new tracks and ending with some shinier and less new ones 10pm-11pm

Posted at 20:55, 6th July 2021

dark shade in the aquarian age

MUSIC, Please! // 07.07.21

Edition #266 // Zoned in, Tuned up and Drugged OUT

90 minutes of cynical Psychedelic relics from the 60’s flower power era, exploring counter-cultural tensions between the pursuit of a life free of conformity and restriction, a spiritual and meaningful existence... and a political consciousness focused on dismantling capitalism, racism and mass industrialised warfare.

Authenticity vs responsibility, freedom vs licence, illuminated by dialogue fragments and historical ephemera.

The seeds of the Age of Aquarius, of Flower Power, germinated within the super affluent (predominately white) society of early 1960’s America but would spread across most of the western world. College and university enrolment was standard for most in the middle classes and as Marx has observed and written, a prevalence of affluence meant that there was no need to struggle. Widespread security and stability meant free time and leisure to engage in alternative ideas.

The Counterculture ‘movements’ represented not only activism about national issues, but it also inspired rejection of social norms - two very distinct approaches. One centred in Berkeley and various large student campus across the country – doing politics to change politics (Civil Rights struggles, the Vietnam War, capitalism and militarism); and the other in San Francisco springing from the psychedelic drug cultures around Timothy Leary and Ken Kesey who were using hallucinogens to explore the nature of reality. The flower children, the ’hippie’ youth wanted to avoid politics in their traditional form, instead pursuing a personal journey celebrating sexual freedom, spirituality, psychedelia, rock music and the transformation of consciousness. This generation redefined the conventions of public and private life through political protest, new forms of self-expression, and experiments in lifestyle.

The new Acid Rock redefined popular music, simultaneously exploring and popularising the new culture of radical politics and its outward symbols; tie dye, long hair, repurposed clothes, love beads, and a new hip vocabulary of sayings and slogans. The movement was built on a kind of de-centralised anarchist philosophy - in opposition to what they saw as the apathy of the era - expressed through the formation of new institutions like underground newspapers, radical theatre groups, urban and rural communes, head shops, free health centres and food co-ops.

Though loudly denouncing the uptight, conformist living of their parents generation, the counterculture bred its own reactionary attitudes. In many communities and spaces, gender roles mirrored those of mainstream society, and aggressive male sexuality inhibited feminist spins on the sexual revolution. With the explosion of the music scene, and its dispersal through an exploding new global media, entrepreneurs and corporate America refashioned the counterculture aesthetic into a marketable commodity. Still the counterculture proved the basis of authentic new lives for many who found themselves drawn to it.

The innocence and enthusiasm for these unfettered modes of living, pushing through all types of restriction and restraint - dropping out - to somehow travel beyond all limitations would ultimately generate some negative, violent and dangerous spaces in the culture. The hippies were exploring, on a mass scale, the reformation of fundamental aspects of societal living, but were often not prepared for the outcomes of the excess and privation which these new modes of life would demand. Living lives of total freedom was often extremely hard: food was scarce, commune living was fraught with psychological conflicts, drug use and its impacts was endemic, political groups became beset with schisms and infighting. The diverse music scene dramatised and related many of these darker realities from the underbelly of a utopia plagued with paranoia, drug addiction, broken idealism, struggles with free love and, increasingly as the decade drew to a close, dis-satisfaction with how readily their revolutionary consciousness was co-opted and commercialised by mainstream capitalist culture and sold back to a whole new generation, drained of its politics and purpose.

Slivers and segments of history and historicisms. Zoned in, Tuned up and Drugged OUT

≈Ω HuussH Ω≈

Posted at 19:17, 6th July 2021

#102 - life is sweet

Well Bless // 07.07.21

This week Alex has put together 2 hours of feel good music for the show. Diggin' through his crates to find records, new and old, to warm your soul, using a one turntable set-up and facing the occasional technical difficulties. We hope you enjoy it - Thank you for tuning in <3

Posted at 12:44, 6th July 2021

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