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top rock 'n' roll lunatics

The Cheesy Rock Show // 04.10.08

This week The Cheesy Rock Show is counting down their Top 10 Wackos and Weirdoes! Can anyone top Michael Jackson for the strangest person in music? Can Bjork, Kate Bush and Syd Barrett make our top ten list? Or does Larry "Wild Man" Fischer who attacked his own mother with a knife pip them all to the post? Tune in Saturday morning 10am-12noon to find out....The Cheesy Rock Show is also delighted to announce that former Subcity Presenter Janis Marshall will be joining Niall behind the microphone this week for a family reunion while we will also have that long awaited game of Don't Forget The Lyrics with one of Scotland's favourite professional footballers.

Posted at 13:22, 3rd October 2008

the paulson plan

Music For Pleasure // 04.10.08

In one of the lesser publicised aspects of the banking bailout, the US government has promised £25 to save the ailing stocks of Subcity's flagship charity shop record show. Speculators have been short selling shares in the show's backlog of vinyl gold and bad debts for the last few weeks and a worldwide collapse in forgotten gems had been forseen by many analysts before news of this short term cash injection.

Assuming the plan is passed by the house of representatives you can expect an hour of 'new to us' tunes bought direct from Glasgow's premier second hand record shop complete with guest co-host risk management expert to the stars Paul (the money man) McClelland. There will be a £1 single of the week (prices having risen massively in recent months) a mystery bag mega mix and if any tunes don't pass muster then we'll be record breaking again before the show's out.

Posted at 12:28, 3rd October 2008

monolith djing at ibop

Solar Island

Solar Island isn't all just about Glasgow leafy west end or the Merchant city, we rule the southside too.

The Monolith and Jocasta, his partner in crime(nal records) will be playing music one after the other at the legendary southside monthly night Ibop, in order to make people dance and smile.

Head down to Pollok Ex-serviceman's club from 9pm tonight Friday 3rd October for some indie dancefloor action. Map to the venue. iBop myspace

Posted at 11:16, 3rd October 2008

shark out deh - sun 5th oct 2008 - 1-3 pm

Journeys // 05.10.08

Hey folks,

This week's show is a skanking, 'one drop'-ping, Reggae extravaganza.

I'll be playing some Ska, some old-school Dancehall, a bit of Dub and probably several other sub-genres of Reggae I've never even heard of. Expect to hear Bob Marley, Dillinger, U Roy, Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Burning Spear, Prince Buster, Errol Holt and many more.

The Spotlight falls on one of Reggae's lesser known, but still prodigiously prolific, producer/performers: Roy Richards. He started performing and recording back in the 60s and passed away just last year. I'll be playing a few of his best tracks. Simple.

The Weird But Wonderful vote is between a couple of the songs that first exposed my lily-white ears to the riddim:

1. Eric Clapton - I Shot The Sherriff

Released in 1974, Bob Marley apparently told Eric that he quite liked Clapton's cover version of the track from the Wailer's Burnin' album of '73.

2. The Specials - A Message To You Rudy

From 1979, this is a cover of Dandy Livingston's original; Rudy, A Message To You from 1967.

To decide which one plays the show out get in touch during the live broadcast: [email protected] or text 'subcity' then your message to 07766 40 41 42.

Journeys. It's a trip!

Sunday 1-3 PM

Check out last year's shows:

If you want to suggest a Journey get in touch!


Posted at 22:58, 2nd October 2008

god equals genocide interview

The Crasier Frane Show

The guys from God Equals Genocide were kind enough to take part in an e-mail interview with the Crasier Frane Show. Check it out on the blog, right here.

Posted at 18:54, 2nd October 2008

r'n'b like it used to be

Does Not Affect Play // 02.10.08

This week on Does Not Affect Play I'll be playing exclusively rhythm and blues. Expect to hear tales of rejection, lust, heartache and despair from 7-8pm this Thursday on

If you missed the last two episodes, Funky Down Easy and Tittyshakers and Other Unmentionables, then don't worry as you can still catch them on listen again complete with full playlists.

Posted at 15:26, 2nd October 2008

bent out of shape dj set

All Night Discoparty

Lock Up Your Daughters Vs Bang Bang! at The Admiral, Sunday 19th October. Fangs & The Gussets play as well as DJs. It's gonna be gooooood!

Posted at 12:50, 2nd October 2008

thursday nights 10-midnight

Men and Machines // 02.10.08

Posted at 10:01, 2nd October 2008

ruin it gets invaded...

Ruin It

Dom D'Sylva (scrabble dj's) invades the Ruin It radio show this week. A special live breakcore jungle acid techno set awaits all those who listen in. Whoa!gan will play some records to prevent silence once he's done.

For more details on the scrabble soundsystem go here:

Ruin It Friday 23:00

Posted at 19:12, 1st October 2008

fashion & presenters

Pop Goes The Revolution // 03.10.08

Unfortunately due to extraneous factors George will not be in the studio this week. However Nikki will still be there at the helm to direct the Revolution on its steady course.

It’s also possibly a good thing that George will not be there this week, as this week the Cliff List turns its cynical eye towards fashion, a subject which George knows nothing about. To replace him Nikki will be joined by close friend, fashion expert, and Glasgow’s largest gossip, Lorna, as well as another close friend, the witty token emo, Allan. The two guests and Nikki will be directing the Cliff List to its course as well as bringing you the usual guide to music and events throughout this fair city.

However, as of ever we still need nominations for our cliff list, so begin nominating now. Are full body tracksuits the biggest sin, what about knee-length leggings, or those stupid Croc things people where on their feet. Nominate the popular fashion fascination that you find most annoying and if you’re lucky you may just find it removed from our world.

Please start nominating now. As of ever you can do this on the Subcity website, you can nominate at MySpace (, join us at Facebook, or email your nomination to [email protected]

Please send in the nominations, and join a slightly different Pop Goes The Revolution this Friday for an exciting journey into the depths of pop culture.

Posted at 18:30, 1st October 2008

sounds like...

Bottle Rocket // 01.10.08

What's orange and sounds like a parrot? A carrot! what's an hour long and sounds like icelandic orchestral pop, noisy digi-shred and lo-fi mumble-core? why, the bottle rocket radio show of course! have a listen if you like, i certainly would if i were in your shoes.


Posted at 17:40, 1st October 2008

rock n roll ain't noise pollution

Rock n Roll Meltdown // 02.10.08

ROCK N ROLL MELTDOWN continues this thursday teatime 5-7pm, with an explosion of rock n' roll based activities, including tunes of the highest calibre, features, chat and maybe some special celebrity guests if i can round them up in time. Also all the latest news about The Hallions gig and that.

Oh yeah, if you've got any decent, properly rock n' roll requests or stories of an amusing or entertaining nature you can email the studio: [email protected] or text us: text "subcity" + your message to 07766 40 41 42.

ANYWAY MAKE SURE YOU TUNE IN ON THURSDAY 17:00 - 19:00 But there's always listen again for those unfortunates who can't tune in live....

Posted at 15:58, 1st October 2008

black magic rum club


OOFT! Music continue their Black Magic Rum Club every Thursday night at Ivy (157-159 North Street, Glasgow). Kicking off at 8pm til 11pm and with rum cocktails aplenty, the high seas are no match for this eclectic selection of buccaneer basslines and balearic business.

Charing X marks the spot ...

Posted at 00:29, 1st October 2008

rock-n-roll disco party

Suck My Left One // 01.10.08

Thanks very much to BaNg!bAng! and Olivia F for steering the good ship Suck My Left One for the last two weeks. This week sees the return of Kate W, shambolic rambling, and schizophrenic play-lists.

The first half of the show will be celebrating the recent release of the 6th studio album of Australian rock collosses (collossi?) Magic Dirt, with a mini-special spanning some of their 16 years in music.

The second half of the show will segue (or more likely lurch gracelessly) into something completely different: disco party! Gold hot-pants at the ready, SMLO will be bringing you some of the butt-shakin'est dance tracks that we've been shimmying to over the summer.

Posted at 00:04, 1st October 2008

also 4 pairs of tickets to give away

The Self Raising Flour Hour Of Power // 30.09.08

On the show today we have, as well as special guests errors,

2 pairs of tickets to give away for ROSS CLARK AND THE SCARFS GO MISSING + THERE WILL BE FIREWORKS + WASHINGTON IRVING Thursday 2nd October


2 pairs of tickets for DANCE LAZARUS DANCE + OVER THE WALL Friday 2nd October

So tune in today (tuesday 30th september) between 5pm and 7pm to hear more details. More info in the first 10 mins of the show.

If we don't give all the tickets away on the show, then the competition will open up to LISTEN AGAIN listeners who can contact our myspace with their answers!

Posted at 16:53, 30th September 2008

one louder to guest dj at shout bamalama!

One Louder

Alexia and Hege are doing a short but sweet guest DJ set at the club night Shout Bamalama, Saturday October 18.

Club night kicks off at 11pm and lasts until 3am, and if I'm not very much mistaken there is a band on and everything so it should be a good one.

So get your arse down to Blackfriars, 36 Bell Street, and dance along to the One Louder debut as club DJs!

Posted at 14:01, 30th September 2008

need for speed...

Get In The Van // 29.09.08

Tonight I drove the van as if I had stolen it and managed (just about) to cram eighteen tracks into the hour. GITV 2 featured a breakneck (though rather inexpertly beatmatched, shame on me) Marcel Dettman mix as well as superb songs by Daedelus, Dan le Sac and Dananananackroyd, as well as (keeping with the alliteration for now) contributions from Roots Manuva and Ronnie Spector, as well as a beautiful tearjerker from Spiritualized.

I promised I'd write an events diary for music featured on tonight's show, so here goes...

Monday 29th September -Ronnie Spector and The Ronettes (Arches)

Tuesday 30th September -Frightened Rabbit (The Arches) -Friendly Fires (King Tut's)

Thursday 2nd October -Late of the Pier (Arches)

Saturday 4th October -Pivot (Sleazy's) -Marcel Dettman (Soundhaus)

Sunday 5th October -Daedelus (Captain's Rest) -Foals, Dananananackroyd, Holy Fuck (Barrowlands)

Wednesday 8th -Spiritualized (ABC)

Thursday 9th October -Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip Strathclyde Students' Union -Roots Manuva (Arches)

Friday 10th October -Errors (Oran Mor)

Sunday 12th -Sia (Arches)

Posted at 00:37, 30th September 2008

3rd.......with vendor defendor

Matthew's Deep Bath... // 29.09.08

So surprisingly i havent been chucked off air yet, again another interesting show with me mixing my words up and being nervous behind a mic......3 miss placed tracks of the week!!!! I will also sharing my bath with the lovely people that are Vendore Defendor!!! Back Of The Net!!!

Posted at 22:50, 29th September 2008

errors on our show!

The Self Raising Flour Hour Of Power // 30.09.08

On Tuesday 30th September we will be joined in the studio by, it seems, an unknown member (or members) of the band Errors! They (or he) will be on having a wee chat, playing some choice records and eating cake in a very aristocratic manner. We should hopefully also be having a wee ticket giveaway for another act! Tune in to find out! Tuesday 30th Sept 5-7pm

Posted at 19:37, 29th September 2008

beard radio episode 3

Beard Radio // 29.09.08

From hurricane lashed Texas to a dreich Glasgow, Beard co-founder Neil Jaques is back! And he's brought some amazing old records from his father-in-law's collection with him. Meanwhile, Stewart will be dropping some recently acquired bombs. So after a barrage of new releases for our first show, we fancied going for a kind of new old theme this week. So we'll be winding back a couple of years, then back to the 1940s, before beaming right back through time again, like music geek timelords.

Posted at 18:12, 29th September 2008

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