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about // Subcity Radio: Flail Your Limbs

subcity poster

After our sell-out party with the Hill 52 Radio crew we are back at The Vic Bar on Thursday the 16th of November!

>> Horreurscopes (subcity.org/shows/horreurscopes) >> Babestation (subcity.org/shows/babestation) >> Trainwreck (subcity.org/shows/trainwreck)

Horreurscopes Up first, reading the stars, is Horreurscopes. Saying no to chin-stroking electronic staidness: Horreurscopes is serious about spotlighting marginalised creators, overlooked underground productions and new releases. ♈

Babestation Not the Babestation you're probably thinking of... 😉 This Babestation are your two favourite Glasgow-based glamour girls b2b. They'll be playing music created exclusively by femmes and LGBT+ musicians, mixing sexy R&B with smooth electronica, as well as the occasional pop banger thrown in for good measure.

Trainwreck Headlining for one night only is Chicago-based legend Jakey Witz aka ATZ, playing his Scottish debut.

Flail Your Limbs

£3 before midnight / £4 after 11 pm - 3 am

Posted at 19:05, 1st November 2017


Subcity Image


Come and gather one and all! Space aliens and darkest demons unite in this unholy union! Hill 52 Radio and Subcity Radio will be entering into a treaty for one big night 13/09/17 so get yourselves down to The Art School as witness to the spectacle!

😈Dragging you down to the depths Hill 52 Radio are in the Vic Bar 🔥🔥🔥:

>> DJ Tumba & Sorrel Bigmin >> Tool-Tips (JHM & PBL) >> BRB >> Plush

👽Subcity Radio touching down in the Assembly Hall☄☄☄:

>> Content Content // subcity.org/shows/contentcontent >> 2centavos // subcity.org/shows/2centavos >> Hawkchild DIY // subcity.org/shows/hawkchilddiy

A special other wordly experience will be taking place in the project ~space~ up upstairs

>> Morning Breath >> Pres at Mine? >> PIPE DREAMS >> Cyrpt Creep

£5 on the door 11pm – 3am

Posted at 17:26, 10th September 2017

events // Subcity Radio Pool Party & After Party


🏊 Start your summer with Subcity Radio's Pool Party 🏊

Free: 🌭 🍔


Your Favourite Pool Party ~Selectors~

The Rainbow Dome ☀️ International Date Line ☀️ Beat the Bush

And Your After Dark Hosts

Eve Was Framed 🌛 Rigid Disco 🌛 Forefront

This is an 18+ Event



15:30: Bus departs from University of Glasgow Memorial Gate

16:30 - 19:30: Gourock Outdoor Swimming Pool Party & BBQ & Free Beer !!

20:00: Return bus to Glasgow University included in ticket price

23:00-3:00: After Party at Stereo Cafe Bar



Pool Party: SOLD OUT

After party at stereo : £4 on the door (free for pool party ticket holders)

Ticketholders are entitled to: Free BBQ ! Swimming ! Bus to Gourock ! Bus back to Glasgow ! Entry to after party !

Posted at 14:15, 4th May 2017

events // Subcity Radio Presents: Jilted



I can't believe it's nearly been 2 months since I last saw you sweat. I felt a real connection before. How about we meet up again, same place as last time?

If there's anyone else, forget about them.

Your Secret Admirer, SR

Subcity Radio @ The Vic Bar | 11-3 | £5

Narratives // Pearl Necklace // Lazer Danz

FB Event // RA Event

Posted at 10:59, 25th January 2017



Subcity Radio @ The Vic Bar | 11-3 | £5 / £4 GSA

The freshers hangover is over. We’re back at the Art School taking over the Vic Bar for a night that will make your eardrums sweat. Acquaint yourself with our DJs for the night ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nice Pipes [DJ Kevin] ~ subcity.org/shows/nicepipes Cowbell fanatic and nicest of pipes, Hannah, will be bringing the sweet female attitude. Get down early to see Kev’s eclectic taste take a slide towards garage. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Loose Joints DJs ~ subcity.org/shows/loosejoints Fresh to Subcity this year, the Loose Joints trio have been cooking up a storm as one of the most versatile and exciting new troupes and event promoters on the scene. This is their recipe for a good time: 3 x DJs (Dylan, Chester, Fraser) 3 x can do attitude 1080 x loose joints (a medical fact) 1x bag of mixed records - mixed on high heat. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Beat Beneath ~ subcity.org/shows/beatbeneath You can’t go over it. You can’t go around it. We’re going underground with Subcity icon, techno-nice-guy and all round great selector, Simon, who’ll take us to a deep, dark and heavy finale. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Don’t) sweat it. When you know you know.

All proceeds from the night go towards the upkeep of the Subcity Radio studio.

Posted at 01:50, 16th November 2016

listen // Subcity Radio X GDFS


Graphic Design Festival Scotland is happening this week at the Lighthouse, and Subcity is going to be broadcasting their musical programme during our downtime from 10-6 of Tuesday-Thursday of this week.

Tuesday: Handpickd

Mr Tuner



DJ Uncomfortable

Wednesday: Subcity Radio

10 Echobloom

11 OH141

12 Ross fae tech

13 Hypnotia


15 The Rainbow Dome

16 Self Service

17 Heavy Eyelids

Thursday: 12th Isle

Craig Gallagher (Resono)

Joss Allen ((Deveron Arts))

Stewart Brown

Fergus Clark

Tundoori McGhee

DJ Crud

Posted at 09:58, 18th October 2016

about // Web Team Applications


Subcity's website is the backbone of all its operations. Everything we do is broadcasted directly from subcity.org so we need to keep it up to date and fast. Get onboard and you will have the opportunity to influence where thousands of people click their mouse and how they engage with their favourite shows.

You'll need to be able to develop new features for the website, or even new websites. Check out our guide to see what we're capable of doing in a few short weeks.

Grounding in HTML, CSS, Python and Django is key. Knowledge of using and administering Linux alongside Git version control is desired, but not necessary. Most importantly, we need someone who is self motivated to find the solutions to their own problems.

Apply Here

Posted at 17:49, 4th October 2016

about // Team Applications September 2016

subcity logo

This freshers' week we are looking for more team members for certain areas of our station. Dedication, creativity and interpersonal skills are all essential and a knowledge of the station and our output is recommended, but you don’t have to be a student to apply. However, it should be expected that team members attend the weekly team meeting and help with running events on the night.

Application Pack

Apply Here

Applications are open until midnight on Sunday the 25th of September

Posted at 00:11, 12th September 2016

events // TRANSCEND! // Subcity Radio and Philanthrobeats

Transcend Poster

>>Facebook Event<<

Surpass the physical world and enter the next form of consciousness, TRANSCEND!

Break free from your cocoon and grasp the beat as we take you on a musical and spiritual awakening far beyond that which you have ever experienced before. Go beyond freshers and embrace the lulling whispers of kick drums and synths as the we place you on the path to enlightenment.

Acquaint yourself with our musical preachers in the Assembly Hall:

>> DJ FOMO (Vugge) b2b Half Moon Bay 
>> Strange Signals 
>> Hyperfunk 
>> No Globe 

And explore the haze in Project Space 1 where Neuro Trash will lead proceedings with a live performance.

Downstairs in the Vic Bar, Philanthrobeats have agreed to open the portal - for one night only - to the sub-aquatic parallel universe from which our spirits travelled to this world. The PB Resident DJs will be teaming up with {☺ハウス}™ - a visual-mystic and seasoned psychonaut from somewhere near the centre of our galaxy - to create an immersive, spiritual and audio-visual segue into your future. Follow our path to align your past, present and future with your mind, body and soul. The next 4 years are going to be a trip…

£4 on the door
11pm - 3am

Posted at 18:54, 3rd September 2016

events // Subcity Radio presents 100% BEEF

100% BEEF

Subcity Radio presents 100% BEEF

SWG3 // 20.05.16 // 2200-0200 // £6 Early Bird / £7 General Release / £8 OTD

LET’S GET READY 2 RUMBLE. For one night only Subcity Radio presents 100% BEEF! A four hour, no holds barred, straight up smackdown. We are opening the warehouse doors to a land of spandex, body slams and foam fingers, letting the beef run wild. The night will see station DJs old and new pitted up against each other, flexing their finest tunes fighting to make your body groove. Head to head, back to back, and cheek to cheek. Things will be heating up behind the scenes, and the steaks have never been higher. Banners Encouraged.


Round 1 /// Grand Unify Grooves vs Pabs Debussy (Franz Ferdinand / FFS / They're Only Records Paul)

First to the ring, Grand Uppercut Grooves take on Paul ‘The Drumminator’ Thomson to bring a below the belt battle of unadulterated disco from this cosmos and beyond.


Round 2 /// HUSH (MUSIC, Please! / Maxi Dance Pool / RPZ) vs Bleaker + DJ Laboonier (The Rainbow Dome / Gang Fatale / Hex / UTTU)

Glasgow heavyweight and sensual superstar HUSH is challenged by the yung (and handsome) double team of Bleaker and Laboonier. Who takes the wheels of steel is anyone’s game, but this face off is a guaranteed to excite with grooves and grinds from all manner of electronica.


Round 3 /// Solid Blake (Apeiron Crew) vs Cleoslaptra (Jackie Your Body / Self Service / PVC)

Shipping in from Copenhagen, Solid Blake is back on home turf for a one-off B2B brawl with queen of dark and dank Cleoslaptra in a round of hot and heavy, four to the floor techno to get the fists pumping.



Posted at 09:08, 19th April 2016

events // Subcity Radio presents ROOM 601

Room 601 Poster

Subcity Radio presents ROOM 601

The Brunswick Hotel // 25.02.16 // 2000-0200 // £5 adv. / £3 OTD (After Party Only)

‘If you ain't got no money take your broke ass home’

Strap on your Louboutins, pick up your Prada & pop some Cristal with Subcity Radio. We’re taking over all floors of The Brunswick Hotel with champagne and caviar on the door*. Access to the penthouse is super exclusive so have your assistant pick up your tickets in advance or risk looking like last seasons' Ed Hardy collection.

*Champagne and caviar not included in the cost of entry. _______________________________________________

PENTHOUSE // 2000-2300

Take the lift to level 6 and start the night in our luxurious penthouse with a mysterious forest of guests. Room 601 is a bit like the twilight zone if it were made on a smaller budget. Strictly VIPs...


BRUTTI MA BUONI [BAR] // 2300-0200

Mirror Ballin' B2B Nice Pipes /// The Mariana Trench Sound /// Half Moon Bay

Just coming down from the penthouse? Half Moon Bay will drop you in the 1980s asset bubble with new age gems, corporate pop, and other leftfield wonders. With a record bag as deep as the thing his name references, The Mariana Trench Sound is a master of the sample; spinning the tunes behind the tunes behind the tunes you love. Lastly, two station yung bloods with the collective girl power of the Spice Girls and Atomic Kitten combined: Mirror Ballin’ steps up and proves height is no indication of ability whilst Nice Pipes proves the same about fashion choices. Two rising stars who’ll rock the party all night long.


BASURA BLANCA [CLUB] // 2300-0200

Kappa [One More Tune / The i AM] /// Wheelman [Stereotone] /// Asterism

Wanna go deeper? Join us in the Basura Blanca basement for a selection of unabashed party bangers. The boys fae Asterism have been belting it out since tribal tattoos were cool. These (il)legally certified party starters are sure to warm you up. In their inaugural year, Wheelman & the Stereotone massive have come up strong as major players in a new era of party-centric, no-nonsense good times. To tap-things-aff, Kappa a.k.a Matthew Craig a.k.a DJ Geri-hattrick is a man with many strings to his bow. A poet, visionary and dreamweaver of The i AM & One More Tune fame; expect floorfillers and fun from the creepy uncle of Subcity Radio.

Posted at 17:05, 11th February 2016

about // Team Applications

Subcity Applications

Applications are now closed.

After an amazing 20th year we think it’s about high time we began world domination; after all, once we’re 21 we can legally adopt a child and drive a lorry over 7.5 tonnes - radio knows no bounds. To help us on our trajectory we’re looking for some seriously special individuals.

Dedication, creativity and interpersonal skills are all essential and a knowledge of the station and our output is recommended, but you don’t have to be a student to apply. However, it should be expected that team members attend the weekly team meeting and help with running events on the night.

Applications are open until midnight on Monday 30 November 2015.

Team Positions Document 2015/2016 (pdf)

Team Applications Form 2015/2016

Applications are now closed.

Posted at 15:02, 13th November 2015

events // Stereo // 28.11.15

Subcity Party

Subcity Radio // Newark 808 · Sierra Alliance · Digital Dust

Stereo // 28.11.15 // 2300-0300 // £4 OTD

Bare juke. Bare grime. Bare Subcity.

Bring your inner roadman to our return to Stereo's basement. Prepare for the booty bounce of your life, feel the bass vibrating through your sinuses. Newark 808, Sierra Alliance and Digital Dust will be bringing you the finest tracks in 140bpm. Ballies and puffers recommended.

Newark 808

Jersey · Baltimore · Booty

Sierra Alliance

UKG · Juke · Footwork

Digital Dust

Grime · UKG · Dub

Posted at 17:13, 10th November 2015

about // Show Applications

Show Applications

Show applications are now open indefinitely.

We are now recruiting for new shows on Subcity Radio. As a freeform radio station our presenters have complete creative control over their shows. There are shows dedicated to music and shows dedicated to chat plus everything in between, nothing is too outlandish. We look for well thought out ideas and the belief than you can carry them out.

The application form is below, alongside it you'll find some application notes to help out with it. We would also recommend having a look at some of the many shows available to listen back to, past and present, to get a flavour for the station.

Any questions regarding applications can be directed to [email protected]

Please expect a response time of around 28 days.

Apply Here // Application Guide

Posted at 16:33, 3rd November 2015

events // Last Night a DJ Took My Life // 30.10.15

Subcity presents: Last Night a DJ Took My Life

Subcity presents: Last Night a DJ Took My Life
Friday 30th October
The Buff Club

The year is 3015. Things are pretty shit.

After the collapse of Earth’s interstellar uplink in 2985, the dark ages began. The three decades that followed were a waking nightmare, as people took to the streets in protest against the draconian regime of Earth-President/DJ Anne Droid. In response, the government declared a state of emergency and seized control of all mainstream media sources. The curfews got stricter and the punishments harsher as more and more of the people’s freedoms were revoked and nobody was able to speak up in their defence.

Earth year 2995 marked the dawn of a new horizon. It started as a faint crackle on the airwaves which grew to a great cacophony as Subcity Radio found its form. At last the people had a voice.

The year is 3015. You wander the streets of Glasgow looking for a place you’re not sure exists. Staggering through a mess of debris and deprivation, you trace the neon-lit streets in your mind looking for the right path. Eventually you come across an image you’ve seen before; almost a circle but not quite. You approach the door and a figure moves towards you from the shadows. A harsh voice croaks the word 'Password?' and you stumble over your response. 'Now is not a time for nerves', you think to yourself as you stutter 'f-f-free… freeform or death'. The doors open.

Inside you find a den of carnal pleasures; the underground resistance to a culture of repression. Revellers release their inhibitions to electronic grooves and sonic textures that before this point you could only dream of hearing. This is what it feels like to be free.

The euphoria is short lived, however, as a creeping sense of dread flows throughout your body. Something is amiss. This fear is an almost physical sensation. You question your sanity as you try to fight the phobia.

Something is amiss...

Posted at 20:49, 6th October 2015

events // Subcity X Sleazy's // Saturday 10th October

Subcity X Sleazys

Subcity X Sleazy's
Saturday 10th October
Nice & Sleazy
2330 - 0300

Summer ain’t over. Subcity Radio’s bringing the heat to Sauchiehall Street’s sweatiest sweatbox for an explosive evening of beats courtesy of station yung bloods and stalwarts: Electronic Tendencies, Narratives, and Heated Heads.

Electronic Tendencies
Kombo will be serving molten aquacrunk and nu-skool hip-hop in his first Subcity appearance. High energy maximalism to get you grooving.

A champion of genuinely experimental house and techno, Narratives will be fuelling the boogie furnace with a selection of deep rhythms unearthed from dark places.

Heated Heads
Heated Heads’ host Mother proves he’s an authentic crate-digger who spins the freakiest, most mind-melting sonic treasures around. Fall head-first into Glasgow’s dark underworld.

Posted at 20:44, 6th October 2015

events // QMU Freshers Takeover // Saturday 19th September

QMU Posters

Facebook Event

After a hiatus of several years, we have the pleasure of announcing our glorious return to the QMU, where we’ll be bringing a stellar line-up of station DJ’s to blow the butt out of Fresher’s Week.

However, this time we’re bringing backup; our partners-in-rhyme and fellow good-cop charity organisation Philanthrobeats have got our backs covered. Not content with just one partner, we’ve also buddied up with Glasgow record label Handpicked.

Come join us as we prove that even after 20 years of freeform radio, we’re still not too old for this shit. The party is spread over 3 levels, so let the charity-based carnage commence.

//// Qudos ////


A regular fixture on the Subcity schedule, and with good reason. Usually a fan of chilled-out baby-making music, he’s decided to scrap the build-up, and play an hour of club classics. Don’t expect any warning when he kicks it up a notch, but do expect to freak.


Lava Lava are Barrientos and Divers, these guys play some of the most danceable music designed for dark basements and enlightened minds. We’ve managed to snag them for a Saturday night. Expect anything possible, but most importantly, expect to dance.


Straight outta Paris, this new kid on the block keeps it old-school. If pianos, classic dance and Fat Boy Slim are your thing then stay downstairs to hear him make his Subcity club debut.

//// Jim’s Bar ////


Glasgow’s premier hip-hop cassette collective, Handpicked have moved from strength to strength in recent years. Always interesting and eclectic, their influence stretches from dancefloors to outdoors, with a solid street presence cemented by their signature buggy-boom-box. Keep your eyes peeled for their guerilla PR, it really makes them stick out in a crowd.

//// Scran ////


Started as a way to effect worldwide change via the medium of music, Philanthrobeats are a shining star of the Glasgow music & charity scene. Famous both for their immense productions and the message they send, Philanthrobeats are a ray of positive energy piercing through the grey Glaswegian skyline. Radiating their classic feel-good vibes across the entire building, they make partying hard about giving harder.

2200 - 0300*

£4 OTD

(*subject to licence)

Posted at 20:42, 6th October 2015

events // FRESH2DEATH // Wednesday 16th September


Facebook Event

if you’re lookin' Fresh 2 Death you’re lookin' fly.

Subcity Radio are bringing the filth; UKG, Grime, Bass, RnB and Hip Hop all night long with station stalwarts, yung bloods and the virtuous Philanthrobeats squad downstairs.

This is the only freshers party where you’re guaranteed a metaphysical transformation: FRESH2DEATH in 4.0hrs. A cool party for cool kids; please nae twerking, nae daggering, nae shuffling, only high-grade bouncing.

= The Assembly Hall =

The Rainbow Dome

Come ready for grooves as smooth as molasses. Known ecelecticists Bleaker & DJ Laboonier bring the best from their extensive collections, melting hearts and melting dancefloors.


The 199X boys may have still been trading Pokemon cards & wearing light up trainers during the golden age but they definitely know their [good rapper] from their [generic shit rapper with similar sounding name]. Keeping alive that OG sound, yo.

Deep Brandy Album Cuts

DBAC is like ronseal for rap music (does what it says on the tin lol). From bootleg booty shakers to the rawest joints on the webisphere; she puts the fresh in FRESH2DEATH. This girl’s game is always on fleek.


“Bass. How low can you go?!” is the question Rumours have been asking since they started on the station. They found out sometime in 2010 but have refused to let the secret out… until now.

= The Vic Bar =

Philanthrobeats Resident DJs

After three long years of selling out non-profit clubnights across Glasgow and preaching at afterparties, Philanthrobeats are finally tall enough to ride the wave up Scott Street and into the debaucherous world of The Art School. Enter our creation, take a bite from the apple and follow us in our downward spiral from freshness to deathness, whilst our Resident DJs provide more sonic sleaze than Sodom and Gomorrah combined. Expect raunchy disco, impressive visuals and a hell of a lot of fresh air.

Philanthrobeats are a charity and social enterprise formed in Glasgow in 2012. Over the past 3 years we have organised music, art and club events, and have collaborated with communities to support individuals in need through providing an open platform for free expression and activism.

Find out more at - philanthrobeats.org.uk

Posted at 20:40, 6th October 2015

events // Subcity x Sleazys // Saturday 8th August

Subcity X Sleazy's

Facebook Event

We were away for a quick holiday, but we’ve brought the sunshine vibes back with us - Subcity’s returning to Sleazys, and this time we’re shaking the foundations with some truly exotic acts. Leave the sunblock at home.

New Latin Flirt

At the cutting edge of the burgeoning Latin music scene, New Latin Flirt have been treating Glasgow to the enormous variety of sounds coming from Latin America. It would’ve felt wrong not to bring them along.

Grand Unify Grooves

Since gracing Subcity’s airwaves, disco disc jockeys Grand Unify Grooves have truly lived up to their name. Guaranteed to deliver dancefloor jams that’ll send us all to paradise.


No strangers to the Sleazy's basement, Ally fae Tropical has delayed his holiday to help see us to the end. On a roll after a string of successful nights, he's sure to delight.

2330 - 0300

£3 OTD x

Posted at 23:38, 27th July 2015

events // Coral Reef: A Subcity Radio Documentary

Coral Reef

Facebook Event

Screening // Assembly Hall // 19.30-21.00 // Free

Subcity Radio invites you to the first screening of Coral Reef, a short documentary film looking at the last 20 years of the station, Directed by Robert J. Hunter, the documentary tracks the oral history of the rich and vibrant community of tech nerds, genre geeks and party fanatics which have inhabited the station over the years.


After-Party // The Vic Bar // 21.00-00.00 // Free

Niall Morris

Coral Reef's presenter extraordinaire proves he's more than eye candy, he's a Lion Bar for the ears too: delicious, a bit left-field and full of fructose syrup.

Arm Watches Fingers

He knows the score, because he wrote it. Arm Watches Fingers makes and plays pixelated beats, bring your best jazz robot. See: undulating space crunk.

DJ Hush

Nobody knows The Vic like DJ Hush, the man behind Record Playerz (RPZ) returns to the site of the crime after storming it at our 20th Birthday. In Hush we trust.

Posted at 23:31, 27th July 2015

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