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events // Subcity Radio's After School Club

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Join us as we celebrate the end of term and the end of a day of workshops at Civic House! Come along for a drink, some food and a dance.

£5 dinner served from 7pm by Civic House Kitchen, best enjoyed with those you love the most.

During the day join us at Saturday School at Civic House ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


The Queer History of Dance Music (subcity.org/shows/qhodm)

rest assured radio b2b Dilly Joints (subcity.org/shows/rar & subcity.org/shows/loosejoints)

[underthunder] (subcity.org/shows/underthunder)

Redstone Press (subcity.org/shows/redstonepress)

✨Live Act✨

Taxidermy Cab https://soundcloud.com/taxidermy-cab/1-dont-slurp-it

✨More surprises!✨


Free before 9 £5 after All tickets OTD

Please note the bottom floor of the venue is accessible, if you have any questions get in touch !

Subcity believe in operating a safe(r) space policy. Nobody should be made to feel uncomfortable on the dance floor, no matter what. If you have any problems, please get a member of the Subcity team who will be distributed throughout the venue on the night, or a member of the bar / kitchen staff.

Posted at 00:49, 10th May 2019

listen // Counterflows Festival 2019

counterflows cover

Subcity Radio were lucky enough to attend this year's Counterflows Festival - one of the best experimental music festivals Glasgow and the UK has to offer. We spent the weekend talking to some of the fantastic performers and organisers that help keep Counterflows consistently one of the most interesting music events around. This includes LYZZA, Alexander Hawkins, MC Carol, Jim C. Nedd, Palm Wine, the Gorbals Youth Brass Band and Bill Wells, Dakim, Micheal LaCour, Nena Etza, Myriam Van Imschoot and Doreen Kutzke, Sholto Dobie, Humming Dogs and more. Listen back to all these interviews below:

1) Introductions with Alasdair Campbell

The co-curator and founder of Counterflows Festival Alasdair Campbell joins us in the studio to discuss the origins of Counterflows, the performers and to play some music that will be heard live throughout the festival.


2) Tomorrow!

To celebrate the beginning of the festival programme we speak with:

Alexander Hawkins - Hugely talented jazz performer and improvisationist talks to us about his work and reccommends some of his favourite songs.

Gorbals Youth Brass Band & Bill Wells- we talked to the founders of this inclusive music programme, the children involved and the underground legend that wrote the piece to be performed, Bill Wells

Nina Etza also joins us in the studio for a fantastic selection of latinx tunes from QTWOC artists


3) Day 1 Recap

After the first night of Counterflows we spoke to:

Sholto Dobie - Scottish musician and performance artist speaks to us about his creative process and forthcoming album with Penultimate Press.

Doreen Kutzke & Myriam Van Imschoot - Yodel sound art collaborators tell us about their work and the diverse history of the yodel.


4) Day 2 Recap

French noise artists and Latinx american icons:

Humming Dogs - One of our favourite acts of the festival, french noise rock group Humming Dogs sit down with us and perform a special accapella version of the song "Ah ha ha!"

MC Carol - Brazillian baille funk godess gives us some insight to her opinions on music, politics and dance music.

LYZZA - Rising star featured on Boiler Room and NTS spoke with us about being called experimental and gave us some advice on acheivement.


5) Day 3 Recap

Hip-hop, hardcore and hope:

DAKIM - Underground hip-hop producer and beatmaker talked with us about creativity and taking hip hop seriously as an art form.

Michael LaCour (aka B L A C K I E ALL CAPS WITH SPACES) - Before his first performance as Micheal LaCour, the incredibly influential industrial hip-hop artist gave us insight into his influences.

Fielding Hope - Subcity alumni, programmer for Cafe OTO and Counterflows co-curator tells us about his career and behind the scenes of the festival

Jim C. Nedd & Palm Wine - Incredibly knowledgable musicologists and DJs Jim and Simone gave us an incredibly informative interview into Pico soundsystem culture. Unfortunately due to time we couldn't broadcast enough of the interview to do it justice so look out for a full version coming out soon.


A huge thank you to everyone that spoke with us, those that tuned in and especially to Alasdair and Fielding for making Counterflows happen

Posted at 19:07, 7th April 2019

events // Subcity Radio's Lonely Hearts Club

lonely hearts club cover photo

Regardless of whether your Valentine's Day was lonely or lovely, Subcity Radio offers a warm embrace to one and all on Saturday 16th February at The Vic Bar - where you'll be guaranteed to fall in love with the music (if no one else) !!

💓️ Outpost: Sangoma (https://subcity.org/shows/outpost) 💓

Keeping the good vibes rolling from our Rubadub instore, outpost: sangoma will get those butterflies in your stomach fluttering with afrobeat and other sounds of Africa 💃

💓️ Breaks and 808s (https://subcity.org/shows/breaks808s) 💓️

Steaming things up a bit more, as midnight strikes we’ll be absorbed in the lustful hip-hop and trap rhythms that can only be Breaks and 808s 🌝

💓️ Jack 2 Jack (https://subcity.org/shows/jack2jack) 💓️

From steaming things up to speeding things up, set your lonely hearts to the love-tempo with Jack 2 Jack's electronic and dance selections 🚀 💓️ MUSIC, Please! (https://subcity.org/shows/musicplease) 💓

With the love vibrations well and truly charged to the max, HuussH will be our cosmic guide through those higher sensations - dress to embrace ☄️

£5 before midnight / £6 after All tickets OTD We expect this one to be pretty busy, get down early to avoid disappointment and ensure maximum time to meet your soul-mate

Please note the venue is fully accessible. If you have any questions, get in touch.

Lots of love, Subcity Radio x 😘

Posted at 13:49, 6th February 2019

listen // Habit of You - a Celebration of Arthur Russell

arthur russell header

Subcity Radio is proud to present a series of programming to celebrate the life and work of one of the most incredible musicians that ever lived. Despite passing tragically young, Arthur managed to produce a vast catalogue of work spanning disco, avant-garde and many more. From spending time in the Talking Heads to recording Buddist chants with Allen Ginsberg, no career in music is more unique.

The series of programming will begin with the screening of the film Wild Combination (2008) at the CCA and will culminate in the broadcast of a special performance of selected works by Peter Broderick

Many thanks to our many contributors that were a part of putting this together including Phil Niblock , Tim Lawrence and Peter Broderick (https://phillniblock.com/) (http://www.timlawrence.info/) (http://www.peterbroderick.net/)

Monday 21st... Screening of Wild Combination (Matt Wolf, 2008) at the CCA (https://www.facebook.com/events/537024640040806/)

Tuesday 22nd... Queer History of Dance Music Special featuring Tim Lawrence (https://subcity.org/shows/qhodm/ecba1)

Wednesday 23rd... Subcity Spotlight and Loose Joints, Amy Krawczyk Warm-up special (https://subcity.org/shows/spotlight/e2d56/) (https://subcity.org/shows/loosejoints/48323/)

Thursday 24th... Subcity Interviews Peter Broderick and Dangerous Songs (https://subcity.org/shows/subcitypresents/81c1a) (https://subcity.org/shows/dangeroussongs/e89ac/)

Friday 25th... Arthur Russell's Fish Tank Documentary special (https://subcity.org/shows/subcitypresents/b94c4)

Saturday 26th... Celtic Connections: Peter Broderick sings Arthur Russell at the Blue Arrow Jazz Club w/ Afterparty featuring Loose Joints (Subcity) Amy Krawczyk (Subcity) and The Lawnmower (https://www.facebook.com/events/2354292984642970/) (https://www.facebook.com/events/232512914358728/)

Sunday 27th... Broadcast of Peter Broderick Solo Arthur Russell set at the Blue Arrow Jazz Club (https://subcity.org/shows/subcitypresents/c0b27)

Posted at 18:46, 14th January 2019

events // Subcity Radio's Sweet Escape

event cover photo

On 17th November we mark our return to the Vic Bar with Subcity Radio’s Sweet Escape. After a special evening at the Hunterian, we think it’s about time to snuggle back into our natural habitat - the club. As the cold nights draw in, you can count on Subcity to provide the heaters as you escape to our warm haven.

THE LIVING ROOM (https://www.subcity.org/shows/livingroom/)

Kicking things off we have The Living Room to get those feel good vibes rolling - expect jazz, disco, afrobeat and other aural delights.

LEZURE (https://subcity.org/shows/lezure/)

Next up, and needing little introduction, are the Lezure crew. Their name and reputation precedes them as perennial party wizards, lotsa magic up their sleeves.

2CENTAVOS (https://www.subcity.org/shows/2centavos/)

Closing the night is the inimitable 2centavos. A truly unique take on ballroom, club, and industrial sounds to immerse your mind and body in.

£4 before midnight / £6 after All tickets OTD 18+

Please note the venue is fully accessible! If you have any questions, get in touch.

Posted at 18:37, 30th October 2018

events // Subcity Radio's Last ! Minute ! Party !

Event poster for party

Hey! It's us! We are back!

Due to some tragic circumstances we didn't have a home for our Freshers week party but the really sound lovely people at Sleazy's have sorted it out. Wednesday of freshers week isn't Wednesday of freshers week without a Subcity party so we are having a party.

The very! Last! Minute! But! Still! A! Really! Good! Line! Up!:

Subcity DJs

Rosehips (International Date Line) b2b Outgoing Person (2k-ok)


It might be last minute but it will also be lots of fun. Hope to see you all there!

£3 all night!

facebook event link -> https://www.facebook.com/events/315251585919858/

Posted at 16:42, 9th September 2018

events // Subcity Radio's Big Weekend


Subcity Radio’s BIG SATURDAY

10pm till ~late~ 👀 Secret Location 👀 BYOB (NO GLASS, all bucky to be placed in your water bottle)

BIG Lineup

Sound Sounds (subcity.org/shows/soundsounds) Soundtracking the sunset and the start of BIG Saturday are Tracks & Fields and Mardy Gras, best enjoyed from the private garden eyyyyy 🌅

Eve Was Framed (subcity.org/shows/evewasframed) She's back by popular demand and here to serve the best in underground r'n'b, pop, and house 👑

Rave Diggers (subcity.org/shows/ravediggers) Exactly what it says on the tin 🥫 classic tunes and lesser known gems from the halcyon days

Full Brim Hat b2b Afro Dancehall (subcity.org/shows/fullbrimhat/01aa1) Having gone b2b at the end of last year we decided this needed to happen again for more to hear! Sparkling that sweet sweet dancehall stardust just when you need it ✨

VAJ.Power (subcity.org/shows/vajpower) Esteemed for their visual club nights showcasing the best of grime VAJ.Power are sure to be keeping the tempo UP ⬆️

STEREOTONE (subcity.org/shows/stereotone) If you make it this far in the night well done, you've unlocked level STEREOTONE 🔓 We're sure you're already familiar with WHEELMAN and his very particular BIG party style but if not have a wee peak at his releases on silly Swedish label Studio Barnhus or Glasgow's own H&P! ~HOUSE EVERY BIG SATURDAY~

- Location will be released to all ticket holders the day before the party - Only 1 ticket to be bought per person - No smoking inside

fb link - https://www.facebook.com/events/346954399042842/

Posted at 20:10, 30th April 2018

events // Subcity Presents: Making Love by Wednesday


This Valentine's day (kinda) we are back at the Vic Bar! We're joining forces with Craig David to aid you in your quest to be making love by Wednesday. Music from the station’s sweethearts all night long to ensure meeting your own will be on the cards.

~ Cushtie Interludes ~

Relative station newcomer and Craig David B-side aficionado Shamso bringing sleek soul & RnB to set the mood.

~ Angel Delight ~

The creamiest, dreamiest combination of early noughties UK garage and low budget divine dessert.

~ Nino's Dream ~

Rave veterans DJ HARD SHAKE & D Grebe playing old school bangers. Need we say more?

£4 before midnight // £5 after

Posted at 17:20, 2nd February 2018

about // Subcity Radio: Flail Your Limbs

subcity poster

After our sell-out party with the Hill 52 Radio crew we are back at The Vic Bar on Thursday the 16th of November!

>> Horreurscopes (subcity.org/shows/horreurscopes) >> Babestation (subcity.org/shows/babestation) >> Trainwreck (subcity.org/shows/trainwreck)

Horreurscopes Up first, reading the stars, is Horreurscopes. Saying no to chin-stroking electronic staidness: Horreurscopes is serious about spotlighting marginalised creators, overlooked underground productions and new releases. ♈

Babestation Not the Babestation you're probably thinking of... 😉 This Babestation are your two favourite Glasgow-based glamour girls b2b. They'll be playing music created exclusively by femmes and LGBT+ musicians, mixing sexy R&B with smooth electronica, as well as the occasional pop banger thrown in for good measure.

Trainwreck Headlining for one night only is Chicago-based legend Jakey Witz aka ATZ, playing his Scottish debut.

Flail Your Limbs

£3 before midnight / £4 after 11 pm - 3 am

Posted at 19:05, 1st November 2017


Subcity Image


Come and gather one and all! Space aliens and darkest demons unite in this unholy union! Hill 52 Radio and Subcity Radio will be entering into a treaty for one big night 13/09/17 so get yourselves down to The Art School as witness to the spectacle!

😈Dragging you down to the depths Hill 52 Radio are in the Vic Bar 🔥🔥🔥:

>> DJ Tumba & Sorrel Bigmin >> Tool-Tips (JHM & PBL) >> BRB >> Plush

👽Subcity Radio touching down in the Assembly Hall☄☄☄:

>> Content Content // subcity.org/shows/contentcontent >> 2centavos // subcity.org/shows/2centavos >> Hawkchild DIY // subcity.org/shows/hawkchilddiy

A special other wordly experience will be taking place in the project ~space~ up upstairs

>> Morning Breath >> Pres at Mine? >> PIPE DREAMS >> Cyrpt Creep

£5 on the door 11pm – 3am

Posted at 17:26, 10th September 2017

events // Subcity Radio Pool Party & After Party


🏊 Start your summer with Subcity Radio's Pool Party 🏊

Free: 🌭 🍔


Your Favourite Pool Party ~Selectors~

The Rainbow Dome ☀️ International Date Line ☀️ Beat the Bush

And Your After Dark Hosts

Eve Was Framed 🌛 Rigid Disco 🌛 Forefront

This is an 18+ Event



15:30: Bus departs from University of Glasgow Memorial Gate

16:30 - 19:30: Gourock Outdoor Swimming Pool Party & BBQ & Free Beer !!

20:00: Return bus to Glasgow University included in ticket price

23:00-3:00: After Party at Stereo Cafe Bar



Pool Party: SOLD OUT

After party at stereo : £4 on the door (free for pool party ticket holders)

Ticketholders are entitled to: Free BBQ ! Swimming ! Bus to Gourock ! Bus back to Glasgow ! Entry to after party !

Posted at 14:15, 4th May 2017

events // Subcity Radio Presents: Jilted



I can't believe it's nearly been 2 months since I last saw you sweat. I felt a real connection before. How about we meet up again, same place as last time?

If there's anyone else, forget about them.

Your Secret Admirer, SR

Subcity Radio @ The Vic Bar | 11-3 | £5

Narratives // Pearl Necklace // Lazer Danz

FB Event // RA Event

Posted at 10:59, 25th January 2017



Subcity Radio @ The Vic Bar | 11-3 | £5 / £4 GSA

The freshers hangover is over. We’re back at the Art School taking over the Vic Bar for a night that will make your eardrums sweat. Acquaint yourself with our DJs for the night ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nice Pipes [DJ Kevin] ~ subcity.org/shows/nicepipes Cowbell fanatic and nicest of pipes, Hannah, will be bringing the sweet female attitude. Get down early to see Kev’s eclectic taste take a slide towards garage. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Loose Joints DJs ~ subcity.org/shows/loosejoints Fresh to Subcity this year, the Loose Joints trio have been cooking up a storm as one of the most versatile and exciting new troupes and event promoters on the scene. This is their recipe for a good time: 3 x DJs (Dylan, Chester, Fraser) 3 x can do attitude 1080 x loose joints (a medical fact) 1x bag of mixed records - mixed on high heat. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Beat Beneath ~ subcity.org/shows/beatbeneath You can’t go over it. You can’t go around it. We’re going underground with Subcity icon, techno-nice-guy and all round great selector, Simon, who’ll take us to a deep, dark and heavy finale. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Don’t) sweat it. When you know you know.

All proceeds from the night go towards the upkeep of the Subcity Radio studio.

Posted at 01:50, 16th November 2016

listen // Subcity Radio X GDFS


Graphic Design Festival Scotland is happening this week at the Lighthouse, and Subcity is going to be broadcasting their musical programme during our downtime from 10-6 of Tuesday-Thursday of this week.

Tuesday: Handpickd

Mr Tuner



DJ Uncomfortable

Wednesday: Subcity Radio

10 Echobloom

11 OH141

12 Ross fae tech

13 Hypnotia


15 The Rainbow Dome

16 Self Service

17 Heavy Eyelids

Thursday: 12th Isle

Craig Gallagher (Resono)

Joss Allen ((Deveron Arts))

Stewart Brown

Fergus Clark

Tundoori McGhee

DJ Crud

Posted at 09:58, 18th October 2016

about // Web Team Applications


Subcity's website is the backbone of all its operations. Everything we do is broadcasted directly from subcity.org so we need to keep it up to date and fast. Get onboard and you will have the opportunity to influence where thousands of people click their mouse and how they engage with their favourite shows.

You'll need to be able to develop new features for the website, or even new websites. Check out our guide to see what we're capable of doing in a few short weeks.

Grounding in HTML, CSS, Python and Django is key. Knowledge of using and administering Linux alongside Git version control is desired, but not necessary. Most importantly, we need someone who is self motivated to find the solutions to their own problems.

Apply Here

Posted at 17:49, 4th October 2016

about // Team Applications September 2016

subcity logo

This freshers' week we are looking for more team members for certain areas of our station. Dedication, creativity and interpersonal skills are all essential and a knowledge of the station and our output is recommended, but you don’t have to be a student to apply. However, it should be expected that team members attend the weekly team meeting and help with running events on the night.

Application Pack

Apply Here

Applications are open until midnight on Sunday the 25th of September

Posted at 00:11, 12th September 2016

events // TRANSCEND! // Subcity Radio and Philanthrobeats

Transcend Poster

>>Facebook Event<<

Surpass the physical world and enter the next form of consciousness, TRANSCEND!

Break free from your cocoon and grasp the beat as we take you on a musical and spiritual awakening far beyond that which you have ever experienced before. Go beyond freshers and embrace the lulling whispers of kick drums and synths as the we place you on the path to enlightenment.

Acquaint yourself with our musical preachers in the Assembly Hall:

>> DJ FOMO (Vugge) b2b Half Moon Bay 
>> Strange Signals 
>> Hyperfunk 
>> No Globe 

And explore the haze in Project Space 1 where Neuro Trash will lead proceedings with a live performance.

Downstairs in the Vic Bar, Philanthrobeats have agreed to open the portal - for one night only - to the sub-aquatic parallel universe from which our spirits travelled to this world. The PB Resident DJs will be teaming up with {☺ハウス}™ - a visual-mystic and seasoned psychonaut from somewhere near the centre of our galaxy - to create an immersive, spiritual and audio-visual segue into your future. Follow our path to align your past, present and future with your mind, body and soul. The next 4 years are going to be a trip…

£4 on the door
11pm - 3am

Posted at 18:54, 3rd September 2016

events // Subcity Radio presents 100% BEEF

100% BEEF

Subcity Radio presents 100% BEEF

SWG3 // 20.05.16 // 2200-0200 // £6 Early Bird / £7 General Release / £8 OTD

LET’S GET READY 2 RUMBLE. For one night only Subcity Radio presents 100% BEEF! A four hour, no holds barred, straight up smackdown. We are opening the warehouse doors to a land of spandex, body slams and foam fingers, letting the beef run wild. The night will see station DJs old and new pitted up against each other, flexing their finest tunes fighting to make your body groove. Head to head, back to back, and cheek to cheek. Things will be heating up behind the scenes, and the steaks have never been higher. Banners Encouraged.


Round 1 /// Grand Unify Grooves vs Pabs Debussy (Franz Ferdinand / FFS / They're Only Records Paul)

First to the ring, Grand Uppercut Grooves take on Paul ‘The Drumminator’ Thomson to bring a below the belt battle of unadulterated disco from this cosmos and beyond.


Round 2 /// HUSH (MUSIC, Please! / Maxi Dance Pool / RPZ) vs Bleaker + DJ Laboonier (The Rainbow Dome / Gang Fatale / Hex / UTTU)

Glasgow heavyweight and sensual superstar HUSH is challenged by the yung (and handsome) double team of Bleaker and Laboonier. Who takes the wheels of steel is anyone’s game, but this face off is a guaranteed to excite with grooves and grinds from all manner of electronica.


Round 3 /// Solid Blake (Apeiron Crew) vs Cleoslaptra (Jackie Your Body / Self Service / PVC)

Shipping in from Copenhagen, Solid Blake is back on home turf for a one-off B2B brawl with queen of dark and dank Cleoslaptra in a round of hot and heavy, four to the floor techno to get the fists pumping.



Posted at 09:08, 19th April 2016

events // Subcity Radio presents ROOM 601

Room 601 Poster

Subcity Radio presents ROOM 601

The Brunswick Hotel // 25.02.16 // 2000-0200 // £5 adv. / £3 OTD (After Party Only)

‘If you ain't got no money take your broke ass home’

Strap on your Louboutins, pick up your Prada & pop some Cristal with Subcity Radio. We’re taking over all floors of The Brunswick Hotel with champagne and caviar on the door*. Access to the penthouse is super exclusive so have your assistant pick up your tickets in advance or risk looking like last seasons' Ed Hardy collection.

*Champagne and caviar not included in the cost of entry. _______________________________________________

PENTHOUSE // 2000-2300

Take the lift to level 6 and start the night in our luxurious penthouse with a mysterious forest of guests. Room 601 is a bit like the twilight zone if it were made on a smaller budget. Strictly VIPs...


BRUTTI MA BUONI [BAR] // 2300-0200

Mirror Ballin' B2B Nice Pipes /// The Mariana Trench Sound /// Half Moon Bay

Just coming down from the penthouse? Half Moon Bay will drop you in the 1980s asset bubble with new age gems, corporate pop, and other leftfield wonders. With a record bag as deep as the thing his name references, The Mariana Trench Sound is a master of the sample; spinning the tunes behind the tunes behind the tunes you love. Lastly, two station yung bloods with the collective girl power of the Spice Girls and Atomic Kitten combined: Mirror Ballin’ steps up and proves height is no indication of ability whilst Nice Pipes proves the same about fashion choices. Two rising stars who’ll rock the party all night long.


BASURA BLANCA [CLUB] // 2300-0200

Kappa [One More Tune / The i AM] /// Wheelman [Stereotone] /// Asterism

Wanna go deeper? Join us in the Basura Blanca basement for a selection of unabashed party bangers. The boys fae Asterism have been belting it out since tribal tattoos were cool. These (il)legally certified party starters are sure to warm you up. In their inaugural year, Wheelman & the Stereotone massive have come up strong as major players in a new era of party-centric, no-nonsense good times. To tap-things-aff, Kappa a.k.a Matthew Craig a.k.a DJ Geri-hattrick is a man with many strings to his bow. A poet, visionary and dreamweaver of The i AM & One More Tune fame; expect floorfillers and fun from the creepy uncle of Subcity Radio.

Posted at 17:05, 11th February 2016

about // Team Applications

Subcity Applications

Applications are now closed.

After an amazing 20th year we think it’s about high time we began world domination; after all, once we’re 21 we can legally adopt a child and drive a lorry over 7.5 tonnes - radio knows no bounds. To help us on our trajectory we’re looking for some seriously special individuals.

Dedication, creativity and interpersonal skills are all essential and a knowledge of the station and our output is recommended, but you don’t have to be a student to apply. However, it should be expected that team members attend the weekly team meeting and help with running events on the night.

Applications are open until midnight on Monday 30 November 2015.

Team Positions Document 2015/2016 (pdf)

Team Applications Form 2015/2016

Applications are now closed.

Posted at 15:02, 13th November 2015

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