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Update// Patrick Harvie - Glasgow SMG must change

Patrick Harvie

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Subcity Update spoke to Green MSP candidate for Glasgow: Patrick Harvie shortly after he met with University chiefs to discuss the recent controversies that had dogged the institution since it became clear that a number of courses were up for the chop. The main issue of the discussion was the consultation process for the threatened courses which will shortly come to an end. There was also a brief discussion on the botched eviction of the Free Hetherington that took place two weeks ago.

Harvie commented, "The main issue I tried to impress on the Principal and his colleagues was to try and acknowledge that trust is not at a high ebb at the moment and that trust needs to try and be regained. There is also a real opportunity for Glasgow to not only sort out its own problems but to actually also be an important voice of leadership in Scotland when it comes to higher education."

Harvie also spoke of his concerns regarding the consultation process at the University of Glasgow. "I have concerns that's it is happening with pre-conceived ideas but also at a pace and a time that is really unfortunate."

Reporter - Kirsteen Fraser

Posted at 17:49, 6th April 2011

Update// Nursing closure will affect frontline NHS

Labour Shadow Health spokeswoman: Jackie Baillie

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Subcity Update recently spoke to Labour shadow health spokeswoman Jackie Baillie on the proposed closure of the Nursing department at the University of Glasgow. Baillie had recently submitted a motion to the Scottish Parliament in support of the department prior to the Scottish Parliaments dissolution before the elections in May.

Jackie Baillie was sceptical on the University's position that there was an over-provision of Nursing courses in Glasgow and the West of Scotland and commented that with a rapidly aging population, NHS staff retiring and Scotland's poor health record there was a clear demand for well qualified nurses.

Jackie Baillie's Scottish Parliament motion is as below.

"That the Parliament notes with concern Glasgow University’s proposal to scrap its nursing course as part of a move to save £20 million over the next three years; notes that the nursing department at Glasgow University is outstanding and the course has been rated in the top 10 of the Times Good University Guide for the last three years; further notes that NHS boards across Scotland are cutting 1,500 nursing and midwifery posts and that the loss of frontline posts and skills will inevitably have a detrimental impact on patient care; and therefore urges Glasgow University to reconsider its decision and calls on the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing to intervene urgently to prevent cuts to frontline NHS services."

Reporter/interviewer - Kirsteen Fraser

Posted at 01:23, 30th March 2011

Update// Mike Russell concerned about Uni reforms

Education Secretary: Mike Russell

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SNP Education Secretary Mike Russell paid a visit to the University of Glasgow after a week that saw dozens of police attempt to evict occupiers who had taken over the derelict Hetherington Research Club in a protest against cutbacks at Glasgow University.

In an exclusive interview with Mike Russell before he met with Professor Muscatelli to discuss the situation currently unfolding on the Glasgow campus along with former MSP Sandra White, he commented that Professor Muscatelli was following a "discredited" example of reform. He also expressed concerns about the consultation process that would decide on the future of courses at Glasgow, calling them "undemocratic" without student representatives involved and that it was not too late for the University to reverse its position.

Both White and Russell jointly expressed the fear that the situation currently unfolding would damage one of the worlds oldest English speaking university's reputation both nationally and internationally if Principal Muscatelli persisted in going forward with the current plans for Glasgow University.

Reporter/interviewer - Kirsteen Fraser

Posted at 16:07, 28th March 2011

Update // Hetherington altercation over recording

Hetherington Research Club Meeting - Sean Anderson

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A first year international student was involved earlier tonight in an incident with members of the Hetherington Research Club occupation, who objected to him recording an occupation meeting.

The student alleges he was "attacked" a number of times in attempts to stop him filming and relive him of his camera. He also asserts that he was initially blocked from exiting the building by Lauri Love on the demand that he deleted the videos he had taken but that he was later allowed to leave without deleting anything.

Several members of the occupation have asserted on Facebook that the student was repeatedly asked to leave the building or to stop recording, and that at no time was he detained or blocked from exiting. Lauri Love who is involved in the occupation admitted that a scuffle did occur where the student ended up on the floor, but denied personally blocking the student from exiting.

We interviewed both the student involved and Lauri Love of the occupation.

Posted at 00:02, 24th March 2011

Update// GUU forced to apologise after naked stunt

The Glasgow University Union

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The Glasgow University Union was today forced to formally apologise to the Free Hetherington after GUU Board members were photographed in the building after stripping naked and parading around with only James Foley campaign posters preserving their modesty.

The three men allegedly then set off the property's fire alarm and both police and the fire brigade responded to what they thought was an emergency call.

Strathclyde Police have not yet commented on whether they will press charges for the malicious setting off of a fire alarm.

The GUU has now released a formal apology in a statement released earlier today. The full statement is available here.

Subcity Update Reporter: Oliver Milne

Producer: Kirsteen Fraser

Posted at 17:11, 7th March 2011

Election // James Foley v GUU controversy

SRC Sabbatical Election heckling meeting

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As the polls opened today on the Glasgow University campus, controversy was swift to follow as the first votes began to be cast.

The current candidate odds on to win the position of SRC President - James Foley- has today attacked the Glasgow University Union. Foley has accused the GUU of supporting his opponent Stuart Richie and GUU Board members of tearing down his election posters as well as threatening his campaign team.

GUU president Colin Woods condemned the actions of the unnamed GUU Board Members involved and vowed that disciplinary action would be taken. He also denied that the GUU was taking sides in the election and accused members of James Foley's campaign team of assaulting GUU members in the campaign fracas.

Reporter - Kirsteen Fraser

Posted at 14:58, 2nd March 2011

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