John Maus // This is Loverboy

John Maus by sm_fenn


John Maus’s songs are intense and emotional, existing beyond the restrictions of pallid genre policing --this policing has resigned to tag it “nostalgic”. His music follows a tradition, a tradition that toils with a truth that he has outlined in his thesis on punk rock. Whereas some of his early work explored an experimental discipline, recent albums Songs and Love is Real have explored those 11 maxims, the “truth of vagueness and the vagueness of truth” and offer a raw and penetrating pop.

Prior to his performance in Glasgow, at a Cry Parrot fundraiser, Josh (from Bob Gnarley) interviewed John Maus about his recent teaching work in Hawaii, his new album, moving back to Minnesota and how his theses relates to the distribution of art and politics. John Maus is for real.

Josh Hill // Photo:sm_fenn

Posted at 18:01, 3rd November 2009