A Wilhelm Scream // Get Mad, You Son of a Bitch!

A Wilhelm Scream by Cindy Frey


A Wilhelm Scream.

The pioneering New Bedford act brings a sound which defies conventional ideas of categorisation and a dedicated ethos of innovation that shrugs off any potential complacency that comes with consistently producing some of the best music of the genre... or non-genre.

Subcity was lucky enough to catch up with A Wilhelm Scream at the Glasgow leg of their recent European run- a tour that has seen them playing to crowds at Ieper, Reading and Leeds festivals and sharing stages with acts like The Flatliners, Polar Bear Club, Chuck Ragan, Municipal Waste... Hear Brian Robinson (bass) and Mike Supina (guitar) talk: live shows, Nick "The Professor" Angelini, recording, new releases, Paper and Plastick, nerdy Wilhelm trivia and hot sauce.

In order to whet your appetite for their upcoming self-titled 12", this interview comes stitched together with some of the choicest cuts from their previous release, 2007's Career Suicide. Close your mouths. You're drooling.

Originally broadcast on Test Card// Photo by Cindy Frey

Posted at 13:49, 5th November 2009