Camera Obscura // At The Ballroom

Camera Obscura by Camera Obscura


Camera Obscura have been going FOREVER, well since like…the mid-nineties. That’s when they recorded a 7” in a basement and they kept the hiss on. After that they have put out a string of records on the topic of love, set to blasts of organ and jangley guitar, one of them becoming a John Peel, Burns night favourite, recently My Maudilin Career was released and it was popular, i.e. a record that lots of people liked…it even charted.

Along the way they have blown-up amps, and played around Europe and America States Land, but recently they returned to Glasgow to play the Barrowlands. Subcity talked to them about music (...stuff like songwriting and gigs) and prodded them about twee and playing the big shows.

Photo by Jalapeno

Posted at 22:03, 6th November 2009