Winning Sperm Party // Do It, Then Party

WSP04 by Dirty Summer


“Its just about sharing, nothing too grand, just sharing”

On the Winning Sperm Party website you can download music by: Ultimate Thrush, Grozny, Plaaydoh, Groaner, Dirty Summer, Triple School, PVH and more…yas! It started back in 2008 and its still having a party, celebrating independent artists in Scotland.

Although a lot of the acts don’t live in Glasgow, most of the acts do, they are all involved with all things loud and awesome; including Rob Aleksander, who was integral in getting the website set up (he also plays drums in Plaaydoh). As part of a three part Free to Experiment feature on Does Not Affect Play, Subcity interviewed Rob, we asked him about who presses record, the beginning of WSP, giving it away and the loose ethos of DIY.

This podcast features some live sessions from the Winning Sperm Party Radio show.

Image by Dead Brain

Posted at 19:50, 7th November 2009