Mariachi El Bronx // We're Thieves...at Best

Mariachi El Bronx by Kendall Hooper


Ever wondered what it sounds like when a punk band starts making child-friendly crunk music? Then Mariachi El Bronx will break a Mexican Vihuela over your face for your stupidity and start you wondering what it sounds like when punk goes mariachi.

The group that started as a side project to Los Angeles punk act The Bronx has moved past their quinceaƱera, gathered momentum and started making a considerable name for themselves. With an acclaimed eponymous album proving there is more to a successful cross-over than big bow ties and light-up suits... though they certainly help.

Glasgow played host to Mariachi El Bronx on their first headlining tour, where Subcity sat down with vocalist Matt Caughthran and a couple (dozen) cervezas to discuss amongst other topics: the change in styles, fan reactions and not screaming.

Find out why you need to take notice by tuning into Bottle Rocket, Test Card and The Saturday Shakedown // Photo by Kendall Hooper

Posted at 20:42, 20th November 2009