Radio Talks // John Maxwell Hobbs

John Maxwell Hobbs by Subcity


Subcity kicks off its series of podcasts from radio insiders with BBC Scotland's Head of Technology John Maxwell Hobbs. John is responsible for all the BBC's technology within Scotland, including Pacific Quay, BBC Scotland's newest production facility, the most advanced of its kind in Europe. He is also a member of the BBC Research Board and co-manages BBC Scotland's Innovation Team. John talks about the effects of advancing technology on the radio industry, the challenges involved in integrating different media, and the blurring lines between production and post production. There's also a discussion about the return of the middle class artist, recording in New York via an empty 12th century French abbey, and his past career in stand up comedy. The talk was recorded at the Glasgow University SRC Media Week on 13/11/09. For further information on Media Week events contact the SRC VP Media and Communications.

Posted at 16:42, 27th November 2009