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The Phantom Band


The Phantom Band are very much alive... Or something close to that.

Things are changing in the Glasgow indie scene: the city once synonymous with twee has moved into the brave new world of "post-" music, that's music influenced by a preceding trend, not music post-music. You only have to look at the veterans of the olde times to see the shift: whilst Camera Obscura are producing their most innovative, successful (ok, commercially successful... you hippies) album yet, contemporaries Belle & Sebastian are vegetating quietly in a purpose-built twee retirement home (it's nice to think there is one), smelling funny and forcing old fans to kiss them on the lips when they visit.

Sharing a label with influential post- ers (have you got the hang of this yet?) Mogwai, and in good company with a slew of other emerging acts, The Phantom Band talk to Subcity about: the movement in the Scottish scene, their recent award nomination and the recording and release of their debut album Checkmate Savage.

Posted at 19:29, 30th December 2009