DJ Scotch Egg, DODDODO & Germlin // 28.02.06

Scotch Egg Poster by Megapixel


In 2006, in the early hours of a February morning, the corridor outside the Subcity studio was packed with drunk clubbers ready for a now legendary after-party with breakcore madman DJ Scotch Egg. After a gig at Mono organised by Megapixels, and some persuasion from the hosts of ASCII, the Japanese producer played an explosive set with Germlin (Joe Howe, aka one-half of Gay Against You) and Osaka’s DODDODO.

During the distorted screams and tri-Gameboy fury, a security guard ominously walked down the hall, turned, clocked the party, paused…inserted some change into the vending machine, brought a can of Coke, turned back and left. Without saying a word. The party continued and the music of some imagined future continued to pound down the hallway in all its demented saw tooth glory: DODDODO’s noise merchantry and Germlin’s total future-punk mayhem.

Although, we haven’t punchered a hole in our Nike Air max’s, or shaved our heads asymmetrically like true gabbers, Subcity “team meetings” are often Megadrive battles (very short battles if someone remembers all the special moves in Mortal Kombat) in homage to this night/morning and the world of ASCII, “the first ever videogames based radio show”.

Arigato: DJ Scotch Egg, DODDODO & Germlin // Poster: Megapixel

Posted at 22:05, 31st December 2009