Boom Monk Ben & Full Phat // 22.10.04

Boom Monk Ben & Full Phat by Arch Stanton


Boom Monk Ben & Full Phat aimed to get you aggy.

In 2010 [twenty-ten], Boom Monk Ben is doing much the same thing. The kids are still getting aggy, they just might not call it that. This four-deck set with fellow Subcity alumni Full Phat is typical of Ben's open-doors policy to genre; a passion for diversity which would see his fledging promotions and music organisation Mixed Bizness develop into a Glasgow partying institution, capable of filling the Glasgow School of Art week in, week out. In amongst cuts of The Cure, Technotronic and whatever else was in the bag, you can even catch the track that gave Ben's unique style a name.

Full Phat was a popular fixture at Subcity parties: appearing at the Research Club (on numerous occasions), Freshers Weeks, an FM Launch, even taking it to the public at the West End Festival. If you've got a sweat-drenched memory of a Subcity night, chances are Full Phat was involved. Adding to his considerable live repertoire, Full Phat's trademark house sound has made its way onto a variety of releases.

Recorded at Subcity Block Party 2 at The Arches in 2004 // Photo by Arch Stanton

Posted at 19:17, 2nd January 2010