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Streets of Rage by Dead Brain


Streets of Rage is a one-man hardcore outfit, his six track EP Beat Your Kids, is a compacted assault of frustration, the lyrics spat-out, the rolling guitar clean and fast over its Casio drumbeats. His intent is apparently the same as the sloppy graff heard on the opening sample of the 2009 release, to bring a smile to someone who is totally bummed-out. So if your pissed about some girl/guy, or coming home from that lame job, hear Beat Your Kids, its hardcore accomplished with clarity and simplicity, recorded on multiple tape decks and stereos found around his house, just punk home recording at its truest with no gimmicks.

Known to some as Alastair Clark, to others as curator of the Craiser Frane radio-show and blog (he is also responsible for publishing of a new zine, that features submissions from Jackie Onassis, Dead Brain and Craiser himself, the first issue will be available at the Cry Parrot's New Year Party on 16th January at Glasgow Social Centre.)

After the introductory track, 'Nu Jazz' from Beat Your Kids, Streets of Rage attempts to quash your bummer with chat about recording, mysterious packages, his neighbors and Gay Against You.

Josh Hill // Photo: sm_fenn

Posted at 13:49, 3rd January 2010