NASA // West End Festival // 12.06.09

NASA by Apesod


It's cold. Brrr cold. In summer it's hot. Wooo hot.

The West End is a cluster of elegant Victorian crescents, boutiques, coffee shops... The West End Festival is a celebration of the pulsing, bohemian spirit that keeps this unique city idyll alive... Blah.

Eh, aye. Cheers tripadvisor.

Subcity is a cluster of tasteless fan dans. Subcity at the West End Festival is a celebration of the obnoxious noises that keep the station alive, and the locals up at night.

Case in point: NASA's set at the festival in 2009. While that guy from the organic greengrocer was doing interpretive dance for confused tourists on Byres Road, Subcity's finest bass makers were in Kelvingrove Park, corrupting the youth and showing the rest of the festival how it's done.

Photo by Apesod

Posted at 22:21, 4th January 2010