Vivian Girls // Fidelity // Felicity

Vivian Girls by Luke Winter


A sound-check with Vivian Girls is simple enough. It's just three bored, otherwise occuppied girls in an empty basement, one curious interviewer and a sound technician with an inconsistent floor-tom on his head more than anything else. There's one guitar sound (minus overdrive pedal), levels are almost secondary and no one wants each other in their monitors.

Strange then, that harmony is key. The depth and unity offered by the harmony defies the entrenched values of post-boom lo-fi: one of Vivian Girls' most "musical" achievements simultaneously challenges and emboies this ideology. When covering The Chantels there are no instruments, one microphone, barely even any distinction between performer and audience as a full Captain's Rest claps hazily along with drummer Ali Koehler, but this isn't necessarily the lo-fi wet dream making a mess of your hemp bed-sheets that you've been told is essential to liveness. This is as much about an appreciation of the classic symphonic pop that formed the roots of this Brooklyn trio as it is an introspection on those roots.

Reverence // Self-Reference

Allegiance // Aesthetic

Fidelity // Felicity

Photo by Luke Winter

Posted at 02:10, 7th February 2010