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"Feels good being back on Sauchiehall Street, I remember this street when it was just dirt, but that was in a previous life."

Although Marble Valley have been around since 1997, you might consider them a side-project, but they are actually a party band, a self-proclaimed party band, proclaimed onstage by frontman Steve West --who in his current life cycle has been part of both Pavement and Silver Jews-- the rest of Marble Valley (Andy Dimmack, Remko Schouten, James Waudby, Beige and Carl Hogarth) seemed pretty psyched (read: a bit drunk) about touring the new Marble Valley EP Super Sober, because... well it's a lot of fun. Plus, they get to drink some quality whisky and usually they are either in the recording studio or front-of-house; this is a band comprised of the "other" guys who clearly enjoy being the main-show.

Since having babies and leaving New York behind, Steve West has lived in the "boondocks", living in relative sobriety and recording a variety of artists, one of these artists being the stonemason he began his stonemason apprenticeship with. So, in-between this "boondock" life of carpentry, stonemasonry and fatherhood, Steve West writes some songs for Marble Valley.

I talked to Steve about the Grateful Dead, Elvis, and astronauts's I thought it might be apt to share my thoughts on the latest black matter study and the Disclosure project, but I edited that bit out... well most of it.

Josh Hill // Photo: Marble Valley's Myspace

Posted at 23:37, 16th February 2010