GFF // Part 1: Scouting Party

Thomas Turgoose in The Scouting Book for Boys


Bad pop songs and afterschool specials are continually telling us that “children are our future”. The young people programming this year’s Glasgow Youth Film Festival have said “fuck that”, their future is now. In its inaugural year, the festival is a unique experiment where every aspect of the festival, from programming to schmoozing with the festival’s guests, is performed by the young organisers; there’s no adult patronising this youth audience.

Guiding the young programmers through the finer points of festival curation was Emily Munro, Head of Learning at the Glasgow Film Theatre. She spoke to Subcity's Screen Shrapnel on the eve of the festival to explain the machinations of this singular film festival.

We also caught up with Tom Harper, director of the festival opener The Scouting Book for Boys, a poetic take on unrequited love set in the most prosaic of locations, a caravan park in Norfolk. It was an inspired opening, speaking to both hormone filled teenagers and the older members of the audience, who could reminisce on their salad days petting in the shallow end of a Butlins swimming pool. Tom explained to us the trials of making his debut feature, his opinion of film festivals in general and why he’s delighted to bring his film to Glasgow.

Screen Shrapnel in association with the Glasgow Film Festival // still from The Scouting Book for Boys

Posted at 21:20, 20th February 2010