Shock Closure of Hetherington Club Special Report

The Closed Hetherington Research Club


Subcity Radio News report on the closure of the Hetherington Research Club at Glasgow University. The Postgraduate Club, which serves mature, international, and postgraduate students at the university has come under severe financial difficulties, and has now been forced to close.

Subcity Radio spoke to staff representative, Eileen Boyle, about the closure. She expressed her concern over the closure, and its effect on the staff; "Every single job has gone. Three full time workers in the kitchen, and about twenty of us that were part-time workers, all gone, with about five minutes notice."

This initial breaking report also features interviews with local promoter Duncan Harvey, and local musician, Joseph Black, who have both had nights cancelled last minute by the sudden closure.

Subcity Radio will be informing you of the events as they progress, and uploading further podcasts as more details become available.

Reported by Benzo Harris with production assistance from George Pearson, Kirsty Malcolm, Louise Pollock and Ciaran Owens.

Corrections: Earlier editions of this podcast said that Sarah Honeychurch had broken the news on the club's Facebook page. This was a mistake. It was in fact Katy Cooper who was the first to post the news.

Posted at 02:16, 22nd February 2010