GFF // Findo Gask

Findo Gask by Benzo Harris


Findo Gask are Glasgow's Best Boy Band. Soo pop and boys that Smash Hits could have given them a gong. With their triple threat of sweet harmonies, addictive electro-pop and...erm no synchronised dancing…but at their recent performance of Yellow Magic Orchestra compositions, another boy-band trope: the matching outfit --a tribute to the white shirt, red armband Yellow Magic Orchestra 1980 look.

For a band well-distinguished for their harmonies, celebrating the work of progressive synthesis dudes YMO seems uncharacteristic, but Findo Gask were up for “letting the music do the talking”. Accompanied by Remember Remember, they pooled together seven synths, restrained by YMO’s standards, and performed a sweet set of YMO songs in a tribute to a band that pushed pop’s technological sophistication to a grandiose level.

Ryuichi Sakamoto the main-synth player for YMO (obvs) has made some notable film composition like Nagisa Oshima’s Taboo and Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, he also acted alongide David Bowie in the latter film. The one-off event was organised in conjunction with the The Arches, the bands were clearly fanboys of YMO and chatted about hearing the band for the first time and then getting everything they had made. This is geekery sublime.

Josh Hill // Photo:Benzo Harris

Posted at 23:08, 22nd February 2010