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zombiezombie264 by Benzo Harris


When you’re a kid, gross-out horror can be pretty cool. Watching cert.18s around your mates house, rewinding head slicing, dog-skinning, eye-slicing, flesh-eating, psychotic-doll-mutilating, rapey-tree scenes until the tape shows visible signs of use, loses its appeal when its not scary anymore, and nobody thinks your cool because you watched Sleepaway Camp the other night. Besides, horror got dull as it became more digitized, those masters of prosthetics and make-up got overtaken by ‘digi-SFX wizardry’*. The music to, became a bit expected, the same loud sound effects pronged-out --it all became a bit gimmicky.

John Carpenter’s music was never gimmicky, the themes are incessant and mainly in minor keys. Halloween seems to endlessly gain and gain and The Fog is just as minimal and eerie.

Parisian duo Zombie Zombie don’t use gimmicks either, unlike other more notable French duos, there is no disguise, its human and sweaty. Any mystery is replaced by a mass of analog synths, theremin and live percussion.

Due to the excitement around this sold-out show at Mono, the band have decided to release a John Carpenter album, but before that...swatch it!

*quote pre-dates the Internet Super Highway (1995)

Josh Hill // Photo: Benzo Harris

Posted at 18:46, 25th February 2010