SRC Elections // VP Learning & Development

Morven, campaiging for VP Learning & Developme


In the second of our podcasts dedicated to the SRC elections we look at the role of VP Learning & Development. The elections take place on the 3rd & 4th March, and their manifestos can be found at www.glasgowstudent.net.

The five candidates all came in to Subcity to sit in the hot seat and face a series of questions put to them by Subcity.

First of all we spoke to Morven Boyd, the current VP Learning & Development to find out a little bit about the position, and how a candidate goes about sandwhiching together the roll of upholding student learning - looking after the student representatives, and assessing things that might affect students' study - as well as organising Freshers Week.

Presented by George Pearson. Research and production by George Pearson & Steven Henderson. Interviewees (in order of appearence): Morven Boyd, Muhammed Ashraf, Stewart Bracegridle, Lucky Dhillon, Tuula Erickson, James Harrison.

Posted at 15:08, 1st March 2010