SRC Elections // President

SRC Campaign Posters, 2009


Compared to last year, with Laura Laws unopposed, the office of SRC President is hotly contested with three candidates running. Tommy Gore, the current Clubs and Societies officer; Philip Neal; and Sophie Hall, the current Vice President of Student Support are all vying for the position.

The office of SRC President is the one of overalll leadership within the council. The President is in charge of representing the SRC as a whole and ensuring that its services are delivered to the highest standards. The job is a full-time one, and it pays £15,292.

The elections take place on Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th March, and all the candidates manifestos can be found at www.glasgowstudent.net.

Reporting by Benzo Harris with research help from Chris Ferguson. Interviews with (in order of appearance): Tommy Gore, Philip Neal and Sophie Hall.

Posted at 00:06, 2nd March 2010