Debate is Free // General Election Special 2010

 Subcity Radio - Debate Is Free: General Election


With a general election looming Subcity Radio invited six politicians to face an audience of young people from across Scotland. On the panel were: Patrick Harvie, MSP and Co-Convener for the Scottish Greens; John Mason, SNP MP and spokesman for Work and Pensions; Ann McKechin, Labour MP and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Scotland Office; Ruth Davidson, Conservative PPC for Glasgow North-East; Katy Gordon, Lib Dem PPC for Glasgow North; and Tommy Sheridan, ex-MSP and now co-convener of the Solidarity party. The questions were chosen by the audience, with the debate focusing on issues such as public faith in politics, immigration, higher education financing, and lowering the voter age.

Highlights include:

"The current government seems happy with a UK Border Agency which is endemically racist" - Patrick Harvie

"Surely the fact that at 16 years of age you are liable for taxation is the single most important point? You should not be taxed if you are not allowed to vote" - Tommy Sheridan

"One of the great scandals this year was that 141,118 people had the grades to go to university, and applied, and the places weren't there" - Ruth Davidson

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Photo by: Sean Anderson

Posted at 22:47, 12th March 2010