Theatre Guide // Dirty Paradise

Leann O'Kasy in Dirty Paradise


Glasgow Theatre/ Dirty Paradise As part of the Current Affairs cultural coverage, Subcity Reporter Ruth Wells attended the latest production at the Tron theatre, a monologue performed and written by artist in residence at the Leann O’Kasi. Her play, Dirty Paradise has been one of the highlights of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival. Since moving to Glasgow from the bigger smoke Leann has directed for the Citz and the Tron as well as performing around Glasgow. Dirty Paradise is a very warm and intimate performance that talks openly and with humour about some of the issues surrounding auditory hallucination. How can someone end up in a mental institution by accident? Ruth spoke to Leann to find out this and wider questions about the show. Answers involve car wrecks, Brazilian tales and surreal stories of Christmas in a mental ward.

Posted at 17:50, 12th October 2010