Update // Principal's Open Session 11/11/10

Anton Muscatelli at the Principals Open Session


Given the concerns in recent weeks over the future of Higher Education in Scotland and the rest of the UK after the release of the Browne Report and student protests in London. The University of Glasgow's principal: Professor Anton Muscatelli, took to the stage to give his account of the future of higher education in Scotland and the future of the University of Glasgow. Here he spoke of the University's relatively healthy financial outlook when compared to other universities, the potential deficit the University faces in 2013 and his belief that a fully public funded higher education system is the best way forward for Scottish education. Professor Muscatelli also stated that Scotland had a different attitude towards education and that Scotland must avoid the situation in England of certain subjects getting no funding from the public purse such as the arts and humanities.

After his presentation Principal was present for a question and answer sesh where he took questions from the floor. However the open session was marred by poor student attendance and it remained unclear how the majority of students felt about the future of their university and future education.

The team for the podcast was:
Producer - Kirsteen Fraser
Production Assistants - James Humphries and Gemma O'Brien
Technical - Steven Laing, Niall Morris, Gavin Reynolds and Emily Tilbury

Photo by Sean Anderson

Posted at 19:23, 11th November 2010