Student's future in doubt after London demo

Bryan Simpson


The aftershocks of the National Union of Students demonstrations in London this week continue to reverberate in Glasgow. With the borderline riot at Conservative Party Headquarters at Millbank, one student at Strathclyde University: Bryan Simpson, a 22 year old studying law has been featured in a number of media outlets knocking off a policeman's hat during the protest. Simpson - who is a stalwart of Strathclyde University's left - leaning activists and former Strathclyde Student Association Presidential candidate has been the subject of a flurry of media and student interest as to his alleged involvement in the chaos caused at Millbank.

A spokesperson for Strathclyde University said: "The University of Strathclyde unreservedly condemns the violence which took place at yesterday’s fees protest in London." "The right to peaceful protest is fundamental to the democratic process. The minority who took part in violence did not act with the support of students, and will face the consequences through the courts and, where appropriate, through university disciplinary process."

It has been this statement which has caused concerns about the future of Bryan Simpson who has been out of contact since the student demonstrations earlier this week.

Reporter: Kirsteen Fraser
Technical Support/Producer: Gavin Reynolds

Posted at 20:44, 12th November 2010