London NUS Demo 2010 Special Report

National Union of Students Demolition 10/11/10


The National Union of Students organised the Demolition 2010 demonstration against the Coalition government's proposals to reform the Higher Education sector. On the table were proposals to raise the cap or scrap the tuition fee cap completely. With savings expected across the public sector there are fears that education is about to take a disproportionate beating in a bid to save cash. With course numbers slashed or cut completely and greater levels of student debt in order to fund university education.

If the cuts go through in England and Wales due to the Barrett formula education across the United Kingdom will suffer despite education funding being devolved to the regional assemblies. This would have a direct impact on Scottish education for years to come as well as possible increased number of English and Welsh students seeking a lower cost option north of the border.

We spoke to a number of people, including NUS President Aaron Porter, Glasgow University Rector Charles Kennedy, Scottish Liberal Democrat Depute Leader and Parliamentary secretary to Vince Cable Jo Swinson, SNP MP Angus Brendan McNeil and GUSRC President Tommy Gore in order to get more insight into the story.

London reporter - Gemma O'Brien
Additional Reporting - Kirsteen Fraser, James Harrison, Gavin Reynolds.

Posted at 17:15, 21st November 2010