Students Occupy Gilmorehill Building

Students in Occupation at G12


On the 8th December students from Glasgow University spontaneously occupied the James Arnott Theatre at Glasgow University. Between 70 and 100 students occupied the building to oppose the planned rise in Tuition Fees and the cuts to education.

Subcity Radio was present in the early stages of the occupation and was present as the occupiers tried to reach an agreement with the occupiers with regards freedom of access. The students demanded that people be free to enter and leave the building as they please. The university attempted to reach various compromises on this issue, eventually offering the students freedom of access if they gave the security one hour to make the rest of the building secure.

When negotiations broke down occupiers surged the door downstairs, overpowering security and allowing people into the building. During this incident two members of Glasgow University Security staff were injured and required medical treatment.

Subcity Radio reported from the initial stages of the occupation, before later catching up with the chief negotiators from the anti-cuts movements as well as the SRC, to gauge their take on the day's events.

Photo by Gavin Hopkins

Posted at 05:58, 9th December 2010