Update // Students and staff rally over cuts

Staff and students rally against cuts


On the 11th of February over 300 students attended the packed out Queen Margaret Union's main venue - Qudos - to hear more about proposed cuts to services and departments across the University of Glasgow. The meeting brought together the four largest student bodies on the University campus: the Glasgow University Union, the Queen Margaret's Union, Glasgow University Sports Association and the Students' Representative Council. The Glasgow University branch of the Anti Cuts Network were also in attendance.

The meeting came the day after University and College union members condemned the cuts and passed a series of emergency resolutions against. In the debate students and staff came together with students being urged to support any possible strike action by staff as the threat of cuts loom over the university. This is the full uncut recording of the meeting that took place.

Highlights include:

Mandy - former Department of Adult and Continuing Education student

"If they are cutting the adults access course there is going to be lots of people like me who left school and were told they weren't clever enough for a university education… If they cut DACE people like me aren't going to be able to get a university education and its going to become elitist. Its going to be be just for people paid for by mummy and daddy and working class people like me are going to be cut out."

Stewart - Nursing Student

"There have been a lot of smears about the Nursing department at Glasgow, its been claimed that the departments not pulling its weight, that its not good enough and its not part of this University. Glasgow's nursing department has been rated one of the top five in the UK in the last five years. The department has a 99% - 100% employability every year. It is pulling its weight… None of us are going to let it get shut down and shipped out somewhere else."

Jan- staff member of the University of Glasgow

"Assurances have been given from management that are repeatedly broken, and I am sorry but I don't believe a word of them. On the day of the Herald leaking the cuts there was a conference by the UK government telling Universities to up their game in teaching Modern Languages… Why is it that Glasgow University is defying this trend?"

Photos of the event on Flickr

Posted at 18:57, 11th February 2011