Update // Aaron Porter mobbed by demonstrators

Aaron Porter surrounded by protestors on campus


The National Union of Students president: Aaron Porter was "kettled" by demonstrators at the UK Young Labour conference on Saturday 12th February 2011 outside the Boyd Orr building at the University of Glasgow. Porter has drawn ire from many student organisations across the UK for presiding over what they consider to be NUS inaction over government rhetoric over education cuts.

Porter, who was a delegate to the conference and not representing the NUS, was at first seen to be smiling and waving at the demonstrators before hearing their chants. He was then surrounded by a number of protestors, one of whom was wearing a riot helmet. University of Glasgow security was forced to come to Mr Porter's aid. However, Aaron Porter - fearing for his safety - made a break from the scrum and was visibly distressed as he fled from the scene.

University security staff repeatedly searched the campus grounds looking for Mr Porter but were unable to locate him. Porter then resurfaced two hours later at the conference but looked "visibly shaken" to delegates.

Reporter: James Harrison
Producer: Kirsteen Fraser
Photo: Free Hetherington, Glasgow University

Posted at 00:12, 13th February 2011