Update // Rectorial Hustings 2011

The candidates debate in the GUU Debates Chamber


On the 16th of February the Rectorial Hustings took place in the Debates Chamber of the Glasgow University Union. The two candidates for Rector, A L Kennedy and Charles Kennedy, debated for over an hour on the issues affecting campus. Discussion ranged from the proposed cutbacks & departmental closures to the Hetherington Research Club and how much input students have into the running of the university.

Over a hundred students attended the hustings and listened to the two candidates debate the issues. The hustings came just hours after one of the largest marches the University of Glasgow campus has seen in years, which was called in response to proposals before the University court.

Voting for the rectorial election will be 21st to the 22nd of February. You will be able to vote online at www.glasgowstudent.net.

More coverage of the debate to come.

This is the full recording of proceedings in the Debates Chamber as recorded by Subcity Update.

Photos of the hustings on Flickr.

Posted at 00:37, 17th February 2011