Update // Charles Kennedy for Rector interview

BBC Politics show records the Rectorial hustings


Charles Kennedy MP is one of two candidates standing in the 2011 Rectorial election and although he is no longer at the forefront of politics, the former leader of the Liberal Democrats has been a vocal opponent to the current direction of the Lib Dems in the coalition government; specifically he has maintained his opposition to tuition fee policy.

If elected, Charles Kennedy would be the first person to have held the position for two successive terms since Benjamin Disraeli in the 1870s. Whilst not all have been happy with his time in office, he has remained a popular figure amongst students.

Whilst his campaign team are predicting a comfortable election to a second term, the events of recent weeks may make some students consider a protest vote against Charles Kennedy. There is the opinion in some quarters that he has not been forceful enough with University management in his tenure as Rector and that he has let students down. This coupled with the increasingly political aware student population could yet lead to a surprising result.

Charles Kennedy for Rector Facebook Page

Voting for the rectorial election will be 21st to the 22nd of February. You will be able to vote online at www.glasgowstudent.net

This is a recording of an interview with Charles Kennedy by Subcity Update, shortly after the heckling meeting.

Posted at 23:51, 19th February 2011