Election // James Foley v GUU controversy

SRC Sabbatical Election heckling meeting


As the polls opened today on the Glasgow University campus, controversy was swift to follow as the first votes began to be cast.

The current candidate odds on to win the position of SRC President - James Foley- has today attacked the Glasgow University Union. Foley has accused the GUU of supporting his opponent Stuart Richie and GUU Board members of tearing down his election posters as well as threatening his campaign team.

GUU president Colin Woods condemned the actions of the unnamed GUU Board Members involved and vowed that disciplinary action would be taken. He also denied that the GUU was taking sides in the election and accused members of James Foley's campaign team of assaulting GUU members in the campaign fracas.

Reporter - Kirsteen Fraser

Posted at 14:58, 2nd March 2011