Update // Hetherington altercation over recording

Hetherington Research Club Meeting - Sean Anderson


A first year international student was involved earlier tonight in an incident with members of the Hetherington Research Club occupation, who objected to him recording an occupation meeting.

The student alleges he was "attacked" a number of times in attempts to stop him filming and relive him of his camera. He also asserts that he was initially blocked from exiting the building by Lauri Love on the demand that he deleted the videos he had taken but that he was later allowed to leave without deleting anything.

Several members of the occupation have asserted on Facebook that the student was repeatedly asked to leave the building or to stop recording, and that at no time was he detained or blocked from exiting. Lauri Love who is involved in the occupation admitted that a scuffle did occur where the student ended up on the floor, but denied personally blocking the student from exiting.

We interviewed both the student involved and Lauri Love of the occupation.

Posted at 00:02, 24th March 2011