Update// Mike Russell concerned about Uni reforms

Education Secretary: Mike Russell


SNP Education Secretary Mike Russell paid a visit to the University of Glasgow after a week that saw dozens of police attempt to evict occupiers who had taken over the derelict Hetherington Research Club in a protest against cutbacks at Glasgow University.

In an exclusive interview with Mike Russell before he met with Professor Muscatelli to discuss the situation currently unfolding on the Glasgow campus along with former MSP Sandra White, he commented that Professor Muscatelli was following a "discredited" example of reform. He also expressed concerns about the consultation process that would decide on the future of courses at Glasgow, calling them "undemocratic" without student representatives involved and that it was not too late for the University to reverse its position.

Both White and Russell jointly expressed the fear that the situation currently unfolding would damage one of the worlds oldest English speaking university's reputation both nationally and internationally if Principal Muscatelli persisted in going forward with the current plans for Glasgow University.

Reporter/interviewer - Kirsteen Fraser

Posted at 16:07, 28th March 2011