Update// Patrick Harvie - Glasgow SMG must change

Patrick Harvie


Subcity Update spoke to Green MSP candidate for Glasgow: Patrick Harvie shortly after he met with University chiefs to discuss the recent controversies that had dogged the institution since it became clear that a number of courses were up for the chop. The main issue of the discussion was the consultation process for the threatened courses which will shortly come to an end. There was also a brief discussion on the botched eviction of the Free Hetherington that took place two weeks ago.

Harvie commented, "The main issue I tried to impress on the Principal and his colleagues was to try and acknowledge that trust is not at a high ebb at the moment and that trust needs to try and be regained. There is also a real opportunity for Glasgow to not only sort out its own problems but to actually also be an important voice of leadership in Scotland when it comes to higher education."

Harvie also spoke of his concerns regarding the consultation process at the University of Glasgow. "I have concerns that's it is happening with pre-conceived ideas but also at a pace and a time that is really unfortunate."

Reporter - Kirsteen Fraser

Posted at 17:49, 6th April 2011