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Update // World AIDs Day 01/12/10

World AIDs Day Ribbon

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World AIDs Day started back in 1988 as a memorial to the victims of the disease. Despite us knowing a lot more about HIV/AID's attitudes and fears about the disease have remained largely unchanged. There are currently:

* 33.4 million people living with HIV worldwide * 31.3 million adults * 15.7 million women * 2.1 million children under 15

Here we have a podcast with an interview with Alison Lord of the Terrence Higgin's Trust. The motto is wear and condom and get tested regularly. Don't put yourself at risk.

Give your support to World AID's Day

Posted at 16:15, 28th November 2010

Finlay Archibald // Glasgow Cen Pirate Party PPC

Pirate Party UK

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Debate is Free is interviewing candidates standing in the various Glasgow constituencies in the upcoming UK General Election. First up is the Pirate Party's only Scottish candidate: Finlay Archibald who is standing in Glasgow Central.

Archibald is 19 and a maths student at Glasgow's Strathclyde University. He has been heavily involved in running the Scottish branch of the Pirate Party UK. Since joining the party, Archibald founded the first Pirate student society in the UK and he wants to engage with the people of Glasgow to give them an MP that they can be proud of, something which he feels Labour has proven they cannot provide.

You can find more information about the Pirate Party UK and its candidates on their website.

A full list of candidates standing in the Glasgow Central constituency is below.

Finlay Archibald Pirate Party UK

John Bradley Conservative

Ian Holt British National Party

James Nesbitt Scottish Socialist Party

Osama Saeed Scottish National Party

Anas Sarwar Labour

Ramsay Urquhart UK Independence Party

Alastair Whitelaw Green

Chris Young Liberal Democrat

If you are a candidate or part of a campaign team and you want to put your candidate forward for interview email: [email protected]

Posted at 21:18, 27th April 2010

GFF // Zombie Zombie

zombiezombie264 by Benzo Harris

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When you’re a kid, gross-out horror can be pretty cool. Watching cert.18s around your mates house, rewinding head slicing, dog-skinning, eye-slicing, flesh-eating, psychotic-doll-mutilating, rapey-tree scenes until the tape shows visible signs of use, loses its appeal when its not scary anymore, and nobody thinks your cool because you watched Sleepaway Camp the other night. Besides, horror got dull as it became more digitized, those masters of prosthetics and make-up got overtaken by ‘digi-SFX wizardry’*. The music to, became a bit expected, the same loud sound effects pronged-out --it all became a bit gimmicky.

John Carpenter’s music was never gimmicky, the themes are incessant and mainly in minor keys. Halloween seems to endlessly gain and gain and The Fog is just as minimal and eerie.

Parisian duo Zombie Zombie don’t use gimmicks either, unlike other more notable French duos, there is no disguise, its human and sweaty. Any mystery is replaced by a mass of analog synths, theremin and live percussion.

Due to the excitement around this sold-out show at Mono, the band have decided to release a John Carpenter album, but before that...swatch it!

*quote pre-dates the Internet Super Highway (1995)

Josh Hill // Photo: Benzo Harris

Posted at 18:46, 25th February 2010

GFF // Findo Gask

Findo Gask by Benzo Harris

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Findo Gask are Glasgow's Best Boy Band. Soo pop and boys that Smash Hits could have given them a gong. With their triple threat of sweet harmonies, addictive electro-pop and...erm no synchronised dancing…but at their recent performance of Yellow Magic Orchestra compositions, another boy-band trope: the matching outfit --a tribute to the white shirt, red armband Yellow Magic Orchestra 1980 look.

For a band well-distinguished for their harmonies, celebrating the work of progressive synthesis dudes YMO seems uncharacteristic, but Findo Gask were up for “letting the music do the talking”. Accompanied by Remember Remember, they pooled together seven synths, restrained by YMO’s standards, and performed a sweet set of YMO songs in a tribute to a band that pushed pop’s technological sophistication to a grandiose level.

Ryuichi Sakamoto the main-synth player for YMO (obvs) has made some notable film composition like Nagisa Oshima’s Taboo and Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, he also acted alongide David Bowie in the latter film. The one-off event was organised in conjunction with the The Arches, the bands were clearly fanboys of YMO and chatted about hearing the band for the first time and then getting everything they had made. This is geekery sublime.

Josh Hill // Photo:Benzo Harris

Posted at 23:08, 22nd February 2010

Radio Talks // David Neville

GUSRC Media Week Flyer

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Subcity continues its series of podcasts from radio insiders with one of BBC Scotland's top drama producers David Neville. Following a career in the theatre, David has worked for many years producing top plays and serials for Radio 4, Radio 3, Radio 7 and Radio Scotland, such as The Archers and the radio adaptation of Gregory Burke's Black Watch. David talks about the unique charms of radio drama, what the BBC looks for in a script, the recording process and the role of the producer. He also doles out advice on getting your foot in the door and how to get your script into the right hands. The talk was recorded at the Glasgow University SRC Media Week on 13/11/09. For further information on Media Week events contact the SRC VP Media and Communications.

Posted at 13:11, 3rd December 2009

Radio Talks // John Maxwell Hobbs

John Maxwell Hobbs by Subcity

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Subcity kicks off its series of podcasts from radio insiders with BBC Scotland's Head of Technology John Maxwell Hobbs. John is responsible for all the BBC's technology within Scotland, including Pacific Quay, BBC Scotland's newest production facility, the most advanced of its kind in Europe. He is also a member of the BBC Research Board and co-manages BBC Scotland's Innovation Team. John talks about the effects of advancing technology on the radio industry, the challenges involved in integrating different media, and the blurring lines between production and post production. There's also a discussion about the return of the middle class artist, recording in New York via an empty 12th century French abbey, and his past career in stand up comedy. The talk was recorded at the Glasgow University SRC Media Week on 13/11/09. For further information on Media Week events contact the SRC VP Media and Communications.

Posted at 16:42, 27th November 2009