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The Vile Arts Radio Hour // 1800-1900 29.02.16

pitchin' a line...

Tonight! He's back!

Luckily, he has guests. They come from Conflux. They are Ruxy Cantir and Drew Taylor.

They will be talking about this.

PITCH A quarterly event for artists, companies, producers, venues and anyone else interested in the physical performance community.

PITCH returns to the CCA, Glasgow on 10th March 2016 for our biggest edition ever. Eight artists share new ideas and works in progress.

Explore everything from socks to sagging bodies to multi-sensory overload with the freshest new work from award winning artists and emerging practitioners.

Live artist and theatre maker, Eilidh MacAskill hosts with performances from Ruxy Cantir, Melanie Jordan, Rach Leonard, Sophie McCabe, Kirsty McCarter, Ema Jayne Park, Max Scratchmann, Drew Taylor and students from New College Lanarkshire.


Posted at 17:51, 29th February 2016


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